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Mari Makinami Plug Suit2

This was my secret project of the year!
Made this for the Yamato Cosplay Cup 2011. To represent my country
I got the 2th place in my country...

Anime: Evangelion 2.0
Character: Mari Makinami, Pilot 05

Cosplayer: Me
Confection: Me
Photography: --
Convention: Caracas FanFest 2011

The helmet was a really hard work... >.< sooo... I'll take a moment after to explain with details...

And yes! the word Evangelion05 got on!... =D it's lighting xP on stage of course n_n

I really loved doing it.!! xD Enjoy the Preview...
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Go kick some butt, lol... good work on building your cosplay, looks like it's right out of the movie!
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Thank youu xD... hehehehe well... Actually people laught when I was saying T-T My boobs don't fit!! They Don't fiitt!!! xD and someone on the back yell: weell you said you one to be exactly like mari! Well xD there you go!!

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She did complain about that first plugsuit and the way it felt and fit at the beginning of the movie so your "Boobs" comment is okay! Mari did say they finally got it in her size when she got the new suit before getting into Unit 02 and she was looking down at her chest. I swear she reminds me a little of Misato- if her and Kaji had a love child or something. Her body, his hair...
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hahhaha Yeah now that you mentioned ._. Will be Kaji and Misato's daugther, she's so alike...
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^_^ Glad you agree with me! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in movie 3, Q.
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Yeah! I want to see already that movie ._. I wait too much
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te quedo demasiado arrecho xP el casco *w* :la:
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Checate mi profile picture de fb xD... adasdasdasdsadsad

graciias D= amme el traje
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*amando el traje :love:*
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si entras ahi te lo presto xD
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* se pone a hacer dieta * :dummy:
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xD capaz tienes casi mis medidas
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Pateabas traseros con ese cos. :hug:
IcenblueRose's avatar
Graciias <3 es lindo viniendo de gente especial!!
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YOU ARE THE FUCKING BOSS! =O= :trophy: :heart:
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Like a boss bitches!! xD
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