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Mari Makinami Plug Suit

This was my secret project of the year!
Made this for the Yamato Cosplay Cup 2011. To represent my country
I got the 2th place in my country...

Anime: Evangelion 2.0
Character: Mari Makinami, Pilot 05

Cosplayer: Me
Confection: Me
Photography: Hermes Rivero
Convention: Caracas FanFest 2011

I really loved doing it.!! xD Enjoy the Preview...
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How did you make the pants??
I am wanting to make that same plugsuit, but I dont know how to go about making the pants
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Soon I'll be uploading a Tutorial for how to make the effect. It's really easy, I'm waiting to get my computer back (the pictures are all in there)
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WOOT!!!!! So excited!!
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Tutorial for the Plug Suit it's up!
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WOOT!! Thank you!
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your welcome sorry for the delay
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Can I ask where you got the white fabric for the under piece? Does it stretch?

Great costume, by the way! I love your wig!
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xD hahaha thank you... xD... Ohh it's my hair All the people came close and told me the same xD "Oh my gosh where did you find that wig" So don't worry..


The fabric... its made...
You need to look for a ... I don't know the name in english... Foam rubber I believe...but it's slim... You may find it in place where they sell fabric for furnitures (xD because that's what it's for)it's really light and let your skin breath.

And the other fabric, it's like cotton or less.

You need too mark on the back of the foam rubber (after you cut the patterns) the lines of the type of print you want.
then sew it to the cotton or fabric of your choice... I recommend you one doesn't give you troubles when it strech... the fabric I choose was for baseball uniforms... it's really light and let you breath and it's stretch as well.

Then for last you will have the foam and cotton like a puff fabric x.x sew it all together and done =D

I believe I still have some working progress of this... Would you like me to look for it?
WOW your hair is amazing.

I would love to see any works in progress you had, if you had any. I would have never thought to use foam rubber!
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Hahaha thank you... okey I'll search for them.. I case I don't find it, I can take a picture of the outfit inside and the foam fabric type.

I really was thinking hard of finding how to do the effect... xD... A winter coat gave me the idea hahah xD...
You are a GENIUS. I've never seen anyone's cosplay with that effect, so when I saw yours I had to ask. I would love any pictures or assistance you could offer, thank you so much!
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Hehehe thank you.
Yeah me too never see anyone with that effect. even thou it's the real one xD... in the original artwork you can see the "plushy" effect.
I can assist you if you want, I don't mind...
And I'll search for the info and put it together for you n_n
thank you so much. :333
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oh my gosh... Don't believe I forgot T-T I been soo much busy with my University... This weekend I promise to upload something!
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un gran trabajo en lo cosplay es genial
¿lo has hecho?
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Sip... completamente hecho a mano, lo unico comprado fue el vidrio del casco xP
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Eso es realmente impresionante
Mucha gente compra tudo hecho
y lo hiciste a ti mismo que sólo merece nuestro respeto
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hehehe si bueno a veces es mas facil comprarlo que hacerlo pero wee... yo disfrute hacerlo xD sobre todo porque mi cabello ya estaba en el tono natural del personaje
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