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This year, I believe this was a challenge for me making this wig

I used almost 2 wigs.

Was really heavy, almost 3Kgs

But I enjoyed n_n even thou I know I'm not skinnny enough to make this character I love Jessie's personality

This is a preview of the upcomming Photo-session a friend dear of mine made for me

Sorry that my hair it's showing up u.u it's really hard to put inside the wig T-T

And sorry for the bad parts of the wig x.x it's not so easy as it looks to build it

T-T ohhh The curly part doesn't show in this pic T-T... sorry guys/girls/ladies/gentlemen

Anime: Pokemon
Character: Jessie - Team Rocket
Cosplayer: Me
Costume- Make- wig work: Me
Photography: Frederick Acurero
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Wow, gorgeous! :heart: I was Jessie before, (Going to do James, soon) and I am just curious what you did to make your wig, I ended up using a coat hanger, lol. <33
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Hello, omg sorry for not replying i was dead with work and not even got the time to got online.

For real a coat hanger? I have a full tutorial on my DA, its in spanish right now but Im working on a new version for ingles. 
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That's alright, people get busy. Hah hep.  XD Nice, I will be sure to check it out when it's done, I only know a few words in Spanish.
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Ill be working soon on it, my computer broke hahaha. 
Chuutan's avatar
Ah, man, sorry. XD Take you're on a phone?
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Haha yeah, its awful. They told me I'll be having it next month, so finger crossed
Chuutan's avatar
I will cross them, too, good luck! :3
Okamy2011's avatar
Amazing job on the wig, it looks really as the character, also you did a great cosplay, just as sexy as her or even more =)
IcenblueRose's avatar
Thank youuu.... ~~~ xP ehehehe yeahh the wig was a real challenge
Okamy2011's avatar
Yeah it looks very hard to make, but it looks really great =)
shinjiasuka4ever's avatar
You look just like her... and damn that's a big wig!
IcenblueRose's avatar
Hahaha thank you...

Yup... Really really big thou..
WinryRockbellHyuuga's avatar
esta foto cuerpo completo me encanta!! te quedo excelente el cos y sobre todo la peluca! demasiado epic! (btw el rojo te luce isa! *o* )
IcenblueRose's avatar
Hehehe gracias xD ~~~ <3
Jarrak's avatar
OMG the hair is epic, wonderful job! You are more than skinny enough to portray her, you look super cute, great job! :dance:
IcenblueRose's avatar
Haha thank you for the cheer up comment... I'm still trying to loose some wait xD for my health (I used to eat to much candy)

but thank you n_n I'm glad too see that people who doesn't know me think I'm good enough n_n

Yeah the hair wass a really epic journey xD
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