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Bang Bang Pow

I reallyyy muuchh enjoyed wearing it... even thou the Corset was a painn in my body xD... Everybody seems pleases with it.

It took 2 hrs for make up, and 15mins to put all together...

I must say, it took me 1 week to make all the cosplay...

The corset was made my sister, Tiang Elegance.

Character: Duela Dent
Anime/ Figure Company/: Ame Comi
Cosplayer: Me
Costume: Me (except Corset: Tiang Elegance)
Make up: White powder: Cynthia Arancibia, Rest of make up: Me
Photographer: Alex- Photographer
Place: Caracas Comic-Con 2012
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Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand,
For the times they are a-changin'.
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Excelente Cosplay y excelente trabajo!
No hay duda que eres unas de las mejores Cosplayers del país. Bueno a mi parecer lo eres.
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Ohh vaya muchas gracias!... Espero continnuar haciendo un buen trabajo para seguir complaciendo al publico n.n
Espero te haya agradado de verdad
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ISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! La pistolita está GENIAL *0* no la había visto bien. Todavía las venden?
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Pos yo creo que si, o.o si quieres puede ver luego y te aviso
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Por favor! XD
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Demasiado perfecta en la vida <3
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asdasdasdas gracias vida <3
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That is a colorful and very decorative cosplay with some neat accessories, like that staff and "puncher" gun!
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Hahahah the punch gun was the final touch =D xD everyone wanted to used xD
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^_^ I've started to post pics of my wife's Saturn cosplay, be sure you check out the boots, etc. when you have time!
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Sure I will... I though I watched you x.x but it seems I didn't... on it!
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Np, see you're watching me now! I promise if we ever visit your country to bring that cosplay with, could make for an interesting event, especially if you or other people had some Sailor Moon cosplays!
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of course... We have a big Sailor Moon group fan! =D... I'm they're Sailor Chaos xD hahaha
shinjiasuka4ever's avatar
Epic... then I hope we will visit someday, just hoping for that airline merger and then we will be on our way! No word on that yet, though- everything is secret talk now but I'm 99% sure it will happen!
IcenblueRose's avatar
of course! everything needs to be secret just at the momment that you are sure it's yours

And your brazilian friend D= it's a good cosplayer... wow... have a lot of good works there say my congrats to her when you finally visit her n.nb
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