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Intricate lines wrought
From your mind to mine
My delicate simplicity
A smattering of roses and tears

Finding comfort in each other
Familiarity in our works
Friendly affection
And so much patience
For each others forgetfulness

You are the one I turn to
For advice when no one listens
Always a hug to spare
Warm thoughts and a cup of tea

For you I wish
You'll have many more years of laughter
Of joy and friendly banter

No harm may come your way
I'll share with you the light I have
When all else might be dark

With open arms and an open mind
We both will speak and listen

And may you write
All those intricate lines
Reach into hearts and minds
Like you did mine

May your muse never be gone
Your mind not run out of words
Let the world see the graceful swirls
Of ink on paper and into beauty
© 2017 - 2024 Icemaya
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*leans on you*
such tender wishes
thank you miss lunamay