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Sans-Undertale by iceman75 Sans-Undertale :iconiceman75:iceman75 0 0
Granny Charlotte Chapter 3- Accepted
Third chapter of the story that I'm writing with Boss Rose, this chapter starts up a change between the two character's lifestyles, Charlotte starting to work out, initiating a new fitness regimen and Randall being accepted to College, hence the subtitle of Accepted.
Chapter 3- Accepted
Clank! Randall heaved the barbell into the rack above him and sat up.
"Any news yet?" Charlotte carefully made her way down the stairs to the garage. Her huge jugs wobbled with every step.
"They said they'd give me a call before the 25th. So any minute now I guess." Randall sighed. "Honestly I don't think I can take another rejection."
"The schools don't know what they are missing. Don't you dare give up just yet."
Randall smiled at Charlotte and shook his head. Then he noticed her clothes. "What is that even?" Randall said and pointed at the bright yellow spandex body suit his grandmother wore.
"I found it in your mother's wardrobe." The torso was white with colorful splatters all over it. "I think she
:iconiceman75:iceman75 5 1
Granny Charlotte Chapter 1- Introduction
Granny Charlotte Chapter 1 - Introduction
"Randall dear! Give me a hand will you!"
Randall laid on his back in his father's garage. It was a hot summers evening but the concrete floors and walls provided good protection from the heat. He was sweating and grunting as he pushed the heavy barbell up. A burning sensation spread through his strong arms as he brought the barbell down for another repetition.
"Randall! Help me out here!" His grandmother Charlotte stood in the open garage door. Two heavy grocery bags weighed her thin arms down. It looked like her limbs would break like twigs from the load.
"Sorry granny Charlotte." He huffed and pushed the barbell up. "I gotta finish my reps."
Charlotte dragged the bags over to him and looked down. Randall rarely saw her face from this angle. At her humble height of 5'1 she usually had to tilt her head way back when they made conversation. Charlotte was one of those old women who never really lost their charm and beauty. Sure she was 72 years o
:iconiceman75:iceman75 12 6
Mature content
Think You're Man Enough? :iconiceman75:iceman75 8 5


Summer Fun with Friend :) by msclgrl Summer Fun with Friend :) :iconmsclgrl:msclgrl 17 13 Meet Moyra Smith by Tigersan Meet Moyra Smith :icontigersan:Tigersan 78 6
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Cecilia's Night Out :iconrando-stories:rando-stories 15 5
Missing Persons
"There's been two missing kids in as many months, Danny, Tammy. I don't want you two going out alone," their mother scolded the siblings.
"I'm 13 mom, I'm a lot older than the kids that got snatched."
"Still not an adult, still an easy target, still not going outside alone. You better both be inside when I get back."
"Yeah mom," Danny sighed. He looked over at Tammy who hadn't said a word the whole exchange. He had given up himself and merely muttered his goodbyes to his mother as she left.
"You didn't even try to help me there," he glared at his little sister.
"It wouldn't have helped. She won't be persuaded on the topic," Tammy shrugged not sounding much like the eleven year old she'd be in about a week or the ten year old she was for the meantime.
"The only thing we can do really is sneak out once we're sure she's gone."
Danny was surprised at that, Tammy was usually all about the rules. Especially in class.
About fifteen minutes passed before Tammy announced, "That should be long e
:iconrando-stories:rando-stories 14 3
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Plates :iconcaliban0:caliban0 39 3
Dozing off by caliban0
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Dozing off :iconcaliban0:caliban0 47 2


I am still offering commissions to anyone interested. If you dig my stories and have a storyline that you think I would be perfect for, then I'm available. My price is 10 dollars a page, minimum 2 pages, maximum 8 pages, but that is open for negotiation. Got something that you've always wanted to see me write, well, now's the chance for you to see it happen! 

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Car Destruction is her Fetish
by Jeremy Wilson aka iceman75
A young woman explores a strange sexual predilection

This is a commission by Dark-Ops, done to his specifications.

Sarah Milner was a 27 year old girl who had something special about her, she was very pretty, she often colored her hair with either pink or purple dye, and had a very nice, voluptuous body, but that wasn't her secret, her secret happened to be that body hid the strength of well over 100 men! She had discovered her strength after her 16th birthday, as going into her bedroom, she yanked the door off it's hinges, the effort it took was as if she was opening up a window curtain. Ever since that point, the 5'7 145 pound girl had experimented with her strength, finding it hard to really reach the limits of her strength. But there was one thing that the girl loved doing more than anything else, in fact, to her, doing this was as good as sex to her: destroying cars!

The first time it happened was when she was 18 years old, her car was parked in the college dorm parking lot, and this guy who was obviously rich, judging by the fact he was driving a brand new red 2010 Corvette, had scratched her modest black 2005 Chevy Equinox.

“Hey! Look what you did, you're going to have to pay for that!”

“You should've parked your car better, chick, not my fault that your tank is taking up most of my spot.”

“At least give me your insurance information, jerk!”

“Not gonna happen, ain't no way I'm going to pay for that piece of junk. Learn to park better next time. Oh, and don't try to sue me, my family is rich, we have the best lawyers money can buy, you'd be in the poorhouse for the rest of your life if you try and bring me to court. And it looks like your tank could use some color anyway, you should thank me.”

Then he went into school without even a backward look at her. This made Sarah fume, if it was possible, steam would've been coming out of her ears. She didn't think about it, she went up to the Corvette, took the rear view mirror in her hand, and ripped it right off the side of the car, crushing it in her hand. It was then that she realized what she was doing and looked down at the destroyed mirror in her hand and...she liked it! The feeling of power to know that she could do such damage to this douche's car made her energy go through the roof!

“Haha, wow! I love this feeling, I wonder?”

She took her long, sharp fingernails, which she knew from experience were hard as actually nails, and she started to drag them along the side of the red Corvette, loving the screech of the metal as she scratched the door, as if she was keying it. This made her feel so good, she was nearly shaking from the euphoria of it. She then went around to the other side and swung her large hip into the side of the car door, leaving a hell of a dent! This made her purr a little at the fact that her soft looking hips dented the hard metal of the car. She finished by bending down by the front tire and slicing through them with her hard, sharp nails. This made her gasp in ecstasy, it helped that the guy was such a jerk, but in reality, she loved just proving her strength to be superior to the Corvette.

She took a piece of notebook paper out of one of her notebooks and put it on the window. She wrote on it.

“A girl told us how much of a douche you were, so we decided to make sure you regretted what you did to her car, don't try to find her or she's going to call us, and we're going to finish the job on you.” She signed it, “An anonymous group of good doers.”

The guy of course had tried to sue her for the damage to his car, but there was no evidence to support that she had anything to do with it, so she was found not guilty. She looked at him with a smirk and said, “Looks like all your high paid lawyers couldn't get me to pay for your car, so maybe you should be a little bit less of an enormous douche and try to get along with us normal people.”

Of course, she was far from normal, in truth. And she had found her calling in life, she had found something that turned her on more than anything else in her life ever had before. And she knew she had to have that feeling as much as she possibly could.

The next couple of years found her going to demolition derbies whenever she could find them taking place near her. She just sat there and watched for hour after hour of cars crashing into each other, and she found this to be very exciting, and even arousing. Her smile was wide as she watched these cars being picked up off the track by tow trucks and being wheeled out to who knows where. So after one night, she approached the organizer of these events.

“Excuse me sir, I love these demolition derbies, I go whenever I can, it's just so exciting to me, but I have a question, where do the cars go that are destroyed beyond repair?”

“Well, the junkyard we use is the biggest one in the county, it's a little outside the city limits, it's called Mac's Junk, Scrap and Recycling. Why do you want to know?”

“Oh, I'm just curious, it's quite a spectacle, but I guess I like to know a bit more than what's on the surface. Like can anyone go to Mac's and just look around?”

“I think so, I don't know why you would want to, but I don't see why someone would be not allowed to just go in and look around.”

“Cool, thanks sir, I really appreciate the shows that you put on, I look forward to the next one that you put out around here.”

“Alright, you're welcome, it's been a pleasure...” He paused, asking what her name is.

“Allison.” Sarah didn't know what prompted her to give him a false name, but she did anyway. She shook his hand, careful not to clasp his hand hard, because of her enormous strength, she often had trouble containing her strength in her excitement. He winced.

“Strong grip you got there, Allison.”

“Oops, yeah, sorry about that, I guess I don't know my own strength. I was a gymnast up until high school, when I got too tall and busty. I work out a little in the weight room to keep in shape.” She said as she flaunted her curvy body around. This made the man cough and say.

“Sorry, I have to get going, but it was great meeting you Allison, I look forward to seeing you in our crowd again.”

With that he left, leaving Sarah smiling widely, ready to go to the junkyard and scope it out. She would look for certain things, but she wouldn't do anything upon her first time there, no, she was going to inspect where the cameras were, so when she came back later in the night, she would go to places where the cameras couldn't reach and see what she was doing. She not only had superhuman strength, but her senses and speed were also superhuman, so she could scope every camera in the junkyard in what would be a blink of an eye for most other people.

So she went to the junkyard and asked around to see if one of the guys there could give her a tour, flaunting her body to manipulate them, one of the guys relented and showed her to where all the scrapped cars were. She seemed to be very impressed, looking around, of course she was already spying out the cameras, seeing that there were 3 in this area, but she had a plan, she, being so quick that she could barely be seeing doing anything she didn’t want to be seen doing, she picked up a stone from the ground and tossed it at the security camera that would be the primary one that would be showing her experiment with her power in the junkyard. Once she had made a thorough inspection, she thanked the man for showing her around, kissing him on the cheek, and bid him adieu.

4 hours later, 2 hours after the junkyard had shut down for the night, Sarah came back. She was wearing an all black outfit, including a ski mask, just in case some of the cameras clearly picked her up. It was dark out, so the cameras probably wouldn’t be able to pick up many of her features and the people who lead her through earlier wouldn’t recognize her body shape. There were 10 foot tall fences that were covered with barbed wire at the top, but Sarah, being so strong, powered over them with a 15 foot high jump, landing easily on the other side. She smiled as she walked to the section that she wanted to be in: the piles of cars yet to be destroyed by the car crusher! She saw there were just 5 cars that were from the demolition derby that were pretty dented and dingy, full of dirt, but she didn’t mind dirt, growing up a tomboy, she got into dirt a lot. So she was happy to find them that way. Not only would she test her strength, but she would get dirty as well, for a girl like her, that’s the best of both worlds!

“Alright, time to get started!”

She went over to a green car and started firing punches into it, making a sharp keening sound with every impact as her gloved, tough hands made dents of varying sizes. She reeled back and hit a knockout blow into a door, leaving a huge dent, at least 5” deep! This made her shudder in orgasmic glee, knowing how powerful her fists were that they treated this tough metal like a punching bag with no damage whatsoever to herself! It was so awesome to know that she is doing something with her fists that strong men can’t do unless they have sledgehammers or axe blades. They couldn’t do this with brass knuckles, they would get all of an inch in before their momentum is stopped, but she just left a 5” deep dent with her near bare hand!

“Fuck yeah, I love this, I’m going to show these cars what real power is all about!”

She approached another car, one that used to be yellow, but was now covered with brown sand and gravel, so it’s hard to tell. The windows were broken out, so she could reach inside the driver’s side, and put her hands around the wheel, with a yank, she pulled the whole steering wheel out of the front of it, her yell of euphoria could be heard through the neighborhood. The security guard was alerted to her, something she had not accounted for, so when she saw him pull his gun, her reflexes allowed her to get away unharmed. But she had her first taste of hardcore destruction, and she loved it!

She wanted to test if her love of destroying cars extended to driving over them in monster trucks, so she applied to become a monster truck driver, and she got in a local show, where she had a lot of fun, the vibrations from the vehicle as it crushed steel and glass out of the vastly smaller, inferior cars was very nice on her loins, but it just didn’t give her the same feelings that she got when she used her own two bare hands, still, for her, it was quite enjoyable, so she kept it up, making competing in monster truck shows her job, while she could satisfy her main kink later in the night by going back and destroying the cars that were left over from the show with her bare hands.

Of course, whenever she could, she just randomly walked through a parking garage or a large parking lot and used her long, hard, tough nails to chisel her symbol, a rose, into cars, becoming somewhat of an artist at it. Her alter-ego, Wrecker Rose became quite famous because of it, sort of like the famous graffiti artist, Banksy. Though the people who got their cars ‘tagged’ by her didn’t feel quite so happy because of it, it was almost a badge of honor for other people to see that Wrecker Rose tagged your car. In the end, Sarah was famous because of her exploits in monster trucks, while her alter-ego became famous doing what she loved doing, defacing, destroying cars with her bare hands.  This made her a very happy and satisfied woman indeed.
Car Destruction is her Fetish
Here is another commission, for Dark-Ops, about a girl who loves to destroy cars for fun and pleasure. 

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Growing stronger with every round.

Hi, my name is Brian Addison, I'm 6'1 and weigh 190 pounds, I'm in fairly good shape. This is a story about how my 5'5 135 pound girlfriend, Gina somehow became strong enough to beat me with ease.

When my girlfriend proposed that we wrestle 10 rounds, so that we could establish who should be the dominant one in the relationship, I thought it was weird, first of all, why 10 rounds, second of all, why should we be looking to do that? I would be fine with us being equals, taking equal amounts of responsibility, work, whatever, but she was insistent, so I relented.

My girlfriend stood across from me, smiling wide, confidently as she wiggled around eagerly. “Yeah, when the night is done, I'm going to have you screaming uncle!” She said as she moved forward. She got her arms around my waist, trying to bearhug me, and while she was able to get the hold on, it just didn't hurt at all. So I flipped her down and pinned her. “That's one to me.” I said as I waited for her to get up.

She didn't seem discouraged at all, nodding. “Don't worry, I'm not hurt at all, in fact, I feel better than ever, let's go again!” She said as she once around got her arms around my waist, and grunted, I felt my feet start to move off the ground, but I knew that she was trying her hardest and couldn't lift me at all. I let her wear herself out before doing the same thing I did before, gently dropping her to the ground and pinning her, though it wasn't quite as easy as she did put up more of a fight than last time. “Two to nothing, sure you don't want to quit?”

“Nope! I'm far from done.” The next round saw that she actually was able to get my feet off the ground, for at least a couple seconds before she had to drop me. I put my arms around her waist and said, “This is how you really put a bearhug on.” I lifted her off the ground, putting on a little pressure at a time, and while she did struggle for a while, she eventually had to tap out when the pressure got too much for her. “3 to 0, we should really end this.” I said, trying to discourage her from more.

“No! I'm only getting stronger, I'm going to get you this time, I know it.” Round four started and she switched tactics, sweeping my legs out from under me in a sort of a wrestling double leg tackle. Then she put her toned legs around my waist and I had to tap out to her, because of how they were really squeezing in on my sides I couldn't really even breathe after a couple seconds of that, I hadn't ever seen or felt them being that muscular in fact. “Okay, 3 to 1 now, but I am going to be ready for that next time.”

“Doesn't matter, I got more tricks up my sleeve!” She said, her confidence now at an all time high because of her win. I had to admit that I wasn't really trying up to this point, but that win hurt my pride a little, so I made sure to take her seriously from now on. This time, she rushed in and got me around the waist, but instead of doing a bear hug, she slammed me down to the floor in a belly to belly suplex, picking me up and tossing my 190 pound body with her much shorter, smaller body with a fair amount of ease. With the wind knocked out of me, I was easy to pin.

“3 to 2 now, hotshot, you aren't looking too good, maybe you need a couple minutes to recover.” She said. I shook my head and got back to my feet. “No, I'm good. Let's do this!” I approached her, but she didn't make any moves, she just wrapped her arms around my waist, and this time, seemingly with ease, my feet left the ground! I looked in her face to find that she was calm, as though my much heavier body was light to her! It was weird, as I felt her breasts were much harder than I remember ever feeling them as they pushed against my fairly well developed abs. I squirmed around, but to no avail, she held me easily, then she started squeezing. My back was already hurting and my breath had been knocked out of me because of the suplex, so I had no choice but to tap out.

“Wow, that was so easy, I don't know how you got so light, but I think I might be too strong for you now, I don't see you winning another match from here on out.” And she was right, rounds 7 and 8 were pretty formulaic, as she was able to overpower me now with seeming ease, first lifting me in another crushing bearhug, which I tapped out to even faster, after twisting me around like I was a rag doll. Then in round 8, I tapped out to a torture rack back breaker, where she held my 190 pound body length wise across her now very muscular shoulders and pulled down on my neck and legs.

“How is any of this possible? How can you be getting stronger with every match? That should be the opposite of human physiology!” I rasped out in pain. She smirked and said, “It's something to do with my metabolism, I think, whenever I get challenged, I rise to the occasion.” I shrug and say, “Okay, but I am going to take you, hey what's that!” I said as I point to the opposite wall. When she turns around, I hop on her back, trying to bring her down to the floor, but she held strong, carrying me around now in a piggyback with ease. She shifted me around to the front, looked me in the eye with a smirk, and said. “That may have worked in the first couple of rounds, honey, but I'm much too strong for that now.”

With that, she put me on her seemingly even more muscular shoulders and gave me an airplane spin, going faster and faster, I tapped out and she stopped, but didn't put me down. She said, “Might as well finish this, after all, I'm too far ahead of you for you to catch up anyway.” So then she put her hand on my thigh and the middle of my chest and without even a grunt of effort, my girlfriend pressed my 190 pound body over her head. Then with ease, she tossed me on the couch! She pinned me there and ended the last match.

“Well, how do you like it? How do you like being manhandled by a little girl?”

I needed a little time to recover before I could answer. When I did, I looked up at her body, which was bristling with muscles that wouldn't look out of place on a Ms. Olympia competitor. “Well, I'm shocked really, I didn't know you were like this, but to tell you the truth, I can get into it. I hope you don't mind having a wimp as a boyfriend, though.” She chuckled and said, “Don't worry, most boys are wimps compared to how I am now, so I don't mind you being a wimp, just as long as you don't mind me being stronger than you by so much.”
Stronger With Every Round
This is a commission, the commissioner wanted to remain anonymous, but he really enjoyed the story, and I hope that you do too. 


Jeremy Wilson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a fiction story writer, who deals mostly with the body of a female that is incredibly strong and/or muscular. My name is Jeremy. I use a variety of themes in my stories, some of which are objectionable to most people, just know that these stories are not based in reality and should never be taken too seriously. I enjoy writing, watching wrestling and sports, and encorporating those things into my writing.

Current Residence: Two Rivers, WI
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock
Favourite style of art: Muscle Drawings
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Phillips
Favourite cartoon character: Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Cartman
Personal Quote: Doh! Ummm....Muscles!


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