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My Toothless t-shirt

This was one of the designs I submitted to WeLoveFine contest, since I didn't win anything and wanted the t-shirt anyway, I ordered it myself from a different page where they printed it for me XP
Anyway, I'll be selling all the 3 designs on RedBubble once I get my bank account, I'll share a link in a journal update :D

I think it looks cute on the t-shirt :dummy: They made the colors a lot brighter though, probably to make it more visible... and oh look, little Toothless seems to like it too XD Lovely gift from :iconjozsibarath: :heart::icondragonhug:

I'm so wearing this to school tomorrow :XD:
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titanroar's avatar
PS the plushie is also very cute!😊
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Thank you, it was a gift X3
titanroar's avatar
Awww, this is one of the cutest Toothless t-shirts ever!
NemesisXProject's avatar
When I first saw this, I was thinking of the chestburster.Laughing my ass off!  Awesome shirt by the way! Like the plushie.:D (Big Grin) 
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
omg haha XD 
Thank you! :D
KrazyKari's avatar
You get to wear this to school? Lucky, when I was in grade school, never was I able to wear the shirts I wanted, always crappy uniforms. D: So cute! 
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Nuuu D: We don't have uniforms here, for any school :o
Thanks! :D
ChaosMiles07's avatar
Dat smile! Best dragon. <3 <3
victordragon747's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it's too awesome!!!:iconexitedlaplz: This t-shirt is simply perfect! You'll rock in the school with it tomorrow. It's fantastic the fact that now it's very easy to get a t-shirt (or other stuff) custom printed.
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Thanks a lot!! :D 
It's true, though it costs quite a lot :XD:
victordragon747's avatar
You're welcome!!:icondwcar1plz::icondwcar2plz::icondwcar3plz:
How much? Normally it costs me around 13€, bringing my own t-shirt, which costed 3€.
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
lol XD
That's pretty good, mine cost 26€ overall. I ordered it on the internet, so they got the t-shirt, printed it and sent it
victordragon747's avatar
WOW That's really expensive!:shocked:  Yeah, I've heard how it works if you make it via internet.
KnightsofColumbus18's avatar
Cool shirt when i first saw the movie its the best :)La la la la 
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Thanks! Yup the movie's awesome :D
KnightsofColumbus18's avatar
You're so very welcome :) ^^ I agree the movie's Awesome :D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink) 
Niznize's avatar
And that plushie should sit on your wall tomorrow as well!
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Pic was taken on bed but it'd be cool if it could sit on my shoulder XD
Niznize's avatar
Use safety pins!;)
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
Good idea, but I think I'd get weird looks at school XD
JozsiBarath's avatar
Yay,  you upload it what I sent you, and I'm so glad you like it :dummy::heart: :icondragonhug:
And that t shirt looks really great on you, trust me, it's cute :D :iconexcitedlaplz:
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