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Earth Pound

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One of my favourite elemental attacks to use in TLoS TEN OuO 
Actually, all the elemental attacks in that game were pretty neat and fun to use, but I love the backflip he does at this. 

Rather simple drawing, not too detailed, I was planning to do something else today but this took a lot longer than I hoped XD I guess it turned out okay though.


Spyro (c) Activision
Art by me

Created in PaintTool SAI
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I remember all those times where I would knock my opponent up into the air combo them, Slam them then immediatly follow up with a headbutt that would knock them back while they were on the ground.

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It was really fun to make up all kinds of combos, it was super enjoyable

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Definitely helps out in a pinch against the undead in the final level
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Yeah haha it's a very handy move
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I have to admit that I've never played "TLoS: The Eternal Night".... I have only seen it from gameplays, but it's not the same this way... :| (Blank Stare) 
I will TOTALLY play it someday on my computer (with an emulator), so thanks for reminding me of this. :D (Big Grin) 
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Aw totally play it if you get the chance, it's an awesome game! :D 
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That is a devastating attack, though a bit slow.
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True, but it's awesome to use!
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How very beautiful.
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Beautiful! Very fluid motion :)
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Easily one of my favorite moves. :heart:
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Agree, to be fair...Earth to me is the more powerful one, but not to be use everywhere...there's some skills invovled in situations where it's possible to use another ability...

But earth by far is a kick ass move :D
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Indeed, it was super over-powered in A New Beginning :D
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Agree, it was a cool attack and you did a pretty good job drawing it, specialy with the pose and the beautiful background. I like how you drew Spyro iluminated with the green light, it looks fantastic.
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Oh, this is my favorite attack too! Nice job depicting it so well. ;D
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