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Whoa wait... I did this? Whut, what kind of dragon-drawing-and-shading god has blessed me today :XD: 
Also WHAT IS THIS??? The element pictures are supposed to be quick and simple ones??!! I don't think I can repeat this shading a couple more times XD I'll see, I'll try ;p

Yay, I actually started Spyro's element pictures! I noticed that I drew Cynder's elements in the order that the Chronicler told them in DotD, so I'm gonna do it this way with Spyro too, so you can actually guess what'll come next. 

Uhh I gotta say that I'm really happy with how this turned out XD I think it took between 3-4 hours overall, which is not so bad either, I'm stuck in bed anyway. 
I struggled with Spyro's head shape for some time, haven't really been able to get it right the first time lately :shrug: 


*Also - check out ScaleBound's element pics, she managed to get them all done faster than me XD…

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Electricity:  Shocking by IcelectricSpyro Ice:  Freezing by IcelectricSpyro Earth:  Groundbreaking by IcelectricSpyro

Spyro (c) Activision
Art by me

Created in PaintTool SAI
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Fire, is warmth. But Fire too is PURE RAGE, also ANGER PERSONIFIED. But in Element.

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I like the look in his eyes. It makes you think he's dead serious about blasting you to ash
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Haha that was my intention XD Thank you! :D
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Oh, my gosh, that looks epic. :happybounce: 
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Your welcome. I actually have this one as my phones wallpaper right now lol
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Can you make Aether, Dark Aether and Time as well? With time being younger Spyro since he lost that ability in DotD.
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I was kinda planning to do Aether eventually as a bonus thing but I'll see 
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he's gunna give it to ya!
he's gunna burn some enemies.this is cool!
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you know he would.
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Oh yes! elements of SPyro! :D I LOVED those of Cynder's!
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Yup, thanks a lot! :D
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:D Very impressive <3 hahahah I can tell by that expression that hes definatly ready to leave someone grilled by his flame <3.
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Thank you! :D I'd say so too XD
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im singing up for Pokefarm now. Whats your Pokefarm name so i can use as a refferer.
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Cool, my username is Icelectric :)
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