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haha i don't draw like ever anymore

forever a crey i should fix that
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I never update this thing because there's no reason for me to. I update my LJ like, daily enough already. So if anyone is actually curious enough about me, then... You know, just, uh, go there. I don't think I even have a link for it up anymore. Uh. Same username, at livejournal.

Even though I... don't do much on here. I draw, but it's mostly doodling that there's, you know, no way I'm going to post because it's so generally crappy. I just really haven't been paying much attention to dA at all as of late, and I'm not going to be too surprised if one day I just phase out of it as a whole.

Still, I figure, why not get that "back in school" shit off my front page and squeeze in my fourth entry of 2008 while I can?

This year I got into a lot of TV. This year, I discovered/finally got completely, utterly, and hopelessly obsessed with... in order, as best I can... Dexter (eee), The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SVU, Oz, Rescue Me, The Office, Homicide, Generation Kill, The Wire, The Corner, and Six Feet Under, to add on to what was already there, being, in no particular order this time, The Simpsons, Futurama, Arrested Development, House, South Park, King of the Hill, and Corner Gas. See? I found TV this year.

Started off with Dexter in mid-January and ended off with Six Feet Under which I just spent a week watching and finished only two days ago. (Hey, what's in common with those two?!)

Dexter remains my favourite still-on-the-air show and basically I'm here to end this off with I can't fucking waaaaiitt for the end of September 2009, that is way too far off it isn't even 2009 yet godd noooo.

... Oh yeah, and six months and I graduate from high school, run off to university which is almost certainly going to end up being the one from Lethbridge, yeah yeah whatever I just kinda wish I would stop getting into shows that have been over for years now because it's upsetting to marathon and then be smacked with "HEY YEAH THIS IS IT YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO SEE THESE CHARACTERS AGAIN" at least Six Feet Under let me see them all die, that was some nice closure.

(Seriously I want it to be next September.)
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Grade 12, hoorah motherfuckers.

I'm loving history far more than I thought I ever would. I'm loathing English far more than I ever thought I would. Spanish is starting to pick up now that we're actually back to learning shit but it's still moving so ridiculously slowly that it's incredibly painful for me (doesn't seem to be for anyone else, but our class IS a merge of IB and regular, plus throw in the fact that this is my fourth language, I started learning my second language when I was four, and Spanish isn't particularly hard to begin with), and I'm patiently waiting for second semester to come so I can go ahead and do physics (and after which, be done with science forever, finally).

But I'm leaving out my third block here which is mostly relevant to this site. It's aaaarrrtttt.

Which I am also, mostly, pretty miserable in. It's starting to pick up now that I'm figuring out what I'm doing though - see, I've got a full year of art where the teacher gives us ONE assignment, total. Everything else, all the other shit we do, is completely up to us. Since fanart isn't particularly smiled upon in the regular program (god only knows what IB would have to say about it, but they're all faggots anyway), I've mostly been at a loss I'm now recovering from (kinda).

'cause see - I haven't felt much like cartoon fanart, lately, anyway. Naw, I need something to hit me really hard to get back into that (South Park is out of the fucking question. I'll watch the new episodes but as far as TV goes, it's pretty much off my radar. The Simpsons isn't likely to produce anything that'll grip me to such a hard extent in S20, and it's still a couple of months before we get new Futurama again).

Fortunately since the summer I've gotten drawn into some live action shows that I've been focusing my attention on. As it stands right now, the big ones for me are Dexter, Homicide, and Oz (oh, and this one miniseries, whatsit, Generation Kill. Yeah, that was fucking incredible).

So I figure if they have something wrong with live action fanart (which they shouldn't. For fuck's sake, I have some Arrested Development doodles last year which didn't incite a problem - then again, my art teacher probably doesn't have a clue who they were), I'm good.

I AM drawing a lot more - problem? It's mostly just in my sketchbook and I don't have the patience for scanning shit in - also, lately, it's been mostly designs and a slow process of working my way through them (which I guess is a great thing for me to focus on).

I DO need to have some studio work though, which will... probably be pretty much almost entirely digital. Painting and all that shit doesn't have much relevance as to what I wanna do, and whereas sculpting probably would - I'm shit at it, always have been, probably always will be. So I might be uploading some of the digital whatever.

P.S. - sorry. I know I'm not particularly popular on this site or anything and I've just spammed those silly enough to watch me with another journal. This is the kind of shit I usually save for my LJ, but since I haven't said anything here since June and this is far more related to this site, which I hardly focus on anymore at all... Yeah. Sorry.
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I update again! Subscription-free. I... really don't have much to do here.

But I have a tendency to post my marks for the end of yet another school year and I don't feel like breaking that. Haha still? That stuff I mentioned in my last journal? Well, let's see... I never got around to looking for other fanartists. I didn't get AD on DVD 'cause my dad's a prick. I got a lot more into TV and have broadened my horizons a little - dramas! I'm keeping my top three shows (that I don't already have on DVD... The Simpsons and Futurama... oh, and ones that it would actually make sense to keep them... so, uh, no Daily Show or Colbert Report) on my external harddrive and just leaving at that. So that would be... Arrested Development, Oz, and Dexter. And those past seven shows I just mentioned would be my seven favourite that I obsess over like a neeerd. Even fake news. Oh. Yes.

And now that I'm on summer (and have been for a week and a half or so) I've been watching more random shows. Oh, and I dragged all four massive longboxes of my dad's old Marvel comics out from his shed. I... started reading them but haven't too much lately. I'm horrible. I have one show left I really wanna watch and after that, comic nerdance time!

And I still hate South Park fangirls. Fucking creepy. Don't get it. I have so little love for South Park now, after the massive mediocrity that was the first half of season 12. Also, Futurama got moved into South Park's time slot over here. Both time slots. And I'd much rather watch Futurama. Maybe I should hide all of the South Park stuff...


English 20 IB: 87%
History 20 IB: 86%
Math 30 IB: 91%
Math 31 IB: 79%
Physics 20 IB: 87%
Physics 35 IB: 88%
Art 20 IB: 86%
Spanish 20 IB: 97%

And overall, that's an 88%.

And with that, I am DONE WITH MATH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. And I have one more semester of science left. And one more year of school before college or university or whatever. I'm probably going to end up in Lethbridge but who knows? (But I'd be able to score free rent there... and my uncle and aunt have the nicest fucking house. Within walking distance. To the university.)

Seriously though I have NEVER gotten below 80% on a report card before. EVER. Unless you count a grade eight science midterm. Which I don't because that's a separate mark. Like, my finals aren't listed on my report card. So that doesn't count. BUT A 79%?! Calculus needs to drop dead. Right now. It should have dropped dead six months ago because I've always hated it but at least I never have to do it again.

I've also never gotten below 90% for a report card average. I'm so sad. I'm slacking off too much. Paying too much attention to TV instead. It's so much more fun.

But one of our dogs might be mere days away from giving birth! Oh god I hope so. Bitch wasn't pregnant last time. This is go number two.
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Lior's real journal;

Digital art in gallery. Traditional art/random stuff in scraps.

As far as I know there is NOTHING to look forward to this year. NOTHING. D: Last year had July 27th...! What am I supposed to do nooow?!

I angst over every new year so this is hardly different. XD (Well... maybe a little. I REALLY miss the hype building up to The Simpsons Movie.)

Sooo, I've been doing a LOT of colouring lately for a friend, which is why I haven't really uploaded anything. I have another request after and possibly another coming through... and I should really start doing some sort of review for finals and stuff. Booo I'm still angry that we didn't have our physics final BEFORE winter break... Seriously, I don't want to review this craaaap. >_> It's BORING and STUPID and LAME.

Sooo... Not gonna renew my subscription this year because come on it's a waste of money even if I don't buy anything anyways aside from Simpsons DVD's (except the movie those extras suck I'm waiting for special edition) and the Futurama ones with the movies and whatnot... and since I've officially decided to score the Arrested Development DVD's.

On that note, like, yeah, why not have my top three shows on DVD? I'm pretty much completely over South Park (and have reached the phase where I'm finding it VERY annoying when SP fangirls are going back and faving my old SP shit. WOOOO) aaaand soon enough I'll go running around looking for Simpsons/Futurama fanartists to watch. Have some stuff I'd actually be interested in seeing. well alright. :3

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