I am back in school.

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Grade 12, hoorah motherfuckers.

I'm loving history far more than I thought I ever would. I'm loathing English far more than I ever thought I would. Spanish is starting to pick up now that we're actually back to learning shit but it's still moving so ridiculously slowly that it's incredibly painful for me (doesn't seem to be for anyone else, but our class IS a merge of IB and regular, plus throw in the fact that this is my fourth language, I started learning my second language when I was four, and Spanish isn't particularly hard to begin with), and I'm patiently waiting for second semester to come so I can go ahead and do physics (and after which, be done with science forever, finally).

But I'm leaving out my third block here which is mostly relevant to this site. It's aaaarrrtttt.

Which I am also, mostly, pretty miserable in. It's starting to pick up now that I'm figuring out what I'm doing though - see, I've got a full year of art where the teacher gives us ONE assignment, total. Everything else, all the other shit we do, is completely up to us. Since fanart isn't particularly smiled upon in the regular program (god only knows what IB would have to say about it, but they're all faggots anyway), I've mostly been at a loss I'm now recovering from (kinda).

'cause see - I haven't felt much like cartoon fanart, lately, anyway. Naw, I need something to hit me really hard to get back into that (South Park is out of the fucking question. I'll watch the new episodes but as far as TV goes, it's pretty much off my radar. The Simpsons isn't likely to produce anything that'll grip me to such a hard extent in S20, and it's still a couple of months before we get new Futurama again).

Fortunately since the summer I've gotten drawn into some live action shows that I've been focusing my attention on. As it stands right now, the big ones for me are Dexter, Homicide, and Oz (oh, and this one miniseries, whatsit, Generation Kill. Yeah, that was fucking incredible).

So I figure if they have something wrong with live action fanart (which they shouldn't. For fuck's sake, I have some Arrested Development doodles last year which didn't incite a problem - then again, my art teacher probably doesn't have a clue who they were), I'm good.

I AM drawing a lot more - problem? It's mostly just in my sketchbook and I don't have the patience for scanning shit in - also, lately, it's been mostly designs and a slow process of working my way through them (which I guess is a great thing for me to focus on).

I DO need to have some studio work though, which will... probably be pretty much almost entirely digital. Painting and all that shit doesn't have much relevance as to what I wanna do, and whereas sculpting probably would - I'm shit at it, always have been, probably always will be. So I might be uploading some of the digital whatever.

P.S. - sorry. I know I'm not particularly popular on this site or anything and I've just spammed those silly enough to watch me with another journal. This is the kind of shit I usually save for my LJ, but since I haven't said anything here since June and this is far more related to this site, which I hardly focus on anymore at all... Yeah. Sorry.
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Spanish is your fourth language???

What are your other three?
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English, Hebrew, and French.
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And I'll bet that Hebrew's the toughest of what you've learned, right?
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I didn't really ever think about how difficult one language was from the next at any point.
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It is nice that you are having an adventure in your last year of high school.
I LOVED my senior year of high school. It is just that feeling of respect that you earn after you have done so much. It just has to be felt to be understood, and I think that you will be proud of yourself upon graduation.
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I'm... having an adventure? Where did I say that? How is any of this an adventure...?

I can't see me being proud of myself or deserving respect because I'll be graduating high school. Lots of people graduate high school. Tons. Shitloads. And in today's society it's pretty much what you're expected to do. There's... no real respect earned or deserved or pride to be felt for doing something millions have already done, and something that you're just expected to. It's not like I'm going above and beyond any requirements (and even if I was, it's not like it would be anything particularly extraordinary that could actually, like... genuinely help or make a difference or some shit). It's high school, one of the stupidest and most juvenile areas in one's life. It's like... so fucking what?
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The more I think about it, high school is tame compared to college. The only reason why I ever thought that high school was an adventure was that I graduated with an honors diploma. I hope that you were not too horribly offended by my comment. (I am in college right now, if you are asking. Organic chemistry is HARD!)
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I'm in the International Baccalaureate program, which I guess is some sort of honours thing. It's really boring for any kind of adventure, though.

I'm not offended.

And I'm pretty much done with chemistry forever. Going for a new media program at university next year!
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