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I never update this thing because there's no reason for me to. I update my LJ like, daily enough already. So if anyone is actually curious enough about me, then... You know, just, uh, go there. I don't think I even have a link for it up anymore. Uh. Same username, at livejournal.

Even though I... don't do much on here. I draw, but it's mostly doodling that there's, you know, no way I'm going to post because it's so generally crappy. I just really haven't been paying much attention to dA at all as of late, and I'm not going to be too surprised if one day I just phase out of it as a whole.

Still, I figure, why not get that "back in school" shit off my front page and squeeze in my fourth entry of 2008 while I can?

This year I got into a lot of TV. This year, I discovered/finally got completely, utterly, and hopelessly obsessed with... in order, as best I can... Dexter (eee), The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SVU, Oz, Rescue Me, The Office, Homicide, Generation Kill, The Wire, The Corner, and Six Feet Under, to add on to what was already there, being, in no particular order this time, The Simpsons, Futurama, Arrested Development, House, South Park, King of the Hill, and Corner Gas. See? I found TV this year.

Started off with Dexter in mid-January and ended off with Six Feet Under which I just spent a week watching and finished only two days ago. (Hey, what's in common with those two?!)

Dexter remains my favourite still-on-the-air show and basically I'm here to end this off with I can't fucking waaaaiitt for the end of September 2009, that is way too far off it isn't even 2009 yet godd noooo.

... Oh yeah, and six months and I graduate from high school, run off to university which is almost certainly going to end up being the one from Lethbridge, yeah yeah whatever I just kinda wish I would stop getting into shows that have been over for years now because it's upsetting to marathon and then be smacked with "HEY YEAH THIS IS IT YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO SEE THESE CHARACTERS AGAIN" at least Six Feet Under let me see them all die, that was some nice closure.

(Seriously I want it to be next September.)
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