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By iceiwynd

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“Did you know,” the coaxing, supporting and yet vicious voice started. “Did you know... that, of course, that’s it? No more? Gotcha. That’s it, no more, bye bye, ‘coz we’ve ‘ad enough.”

Bold eyes glared up at the speaker. “Nay,” the owner of the eyes started, “Nay! I ain’t goin’, ye can’t make me, and I’ll stay ‘ere or fight t’ the bloody death! Ye can peck out my eyes, do wotever the ‘ell ye want w’ me, but I ain’t goin’!”

The first voice turned to a harsh laugh. “Ye like it ‘ere? C’mon, leavin’ could do ye some good… such as spare your life. Ye want to live, don’t ye? The south lands ‘ave plenty and weak creatures. Yer name may mean strong, but ye certainly ain’t tough enough compared to th’ rest. Mebbe some time down in easy lands’ll make ye realize it.”


The owner of the first voice heaved an exasperated sigh. “Then y’know? Ye c’n stubbornly talk to ye new dead pals at th’ gates o’ Dark Forest, ‘coz that’s where yer ‘eadin’…”

“NO! I am not ‘eading there, ‘coz I’m gonna slay ye first!”

A rich laugh sounded. “Hahahaha… oh, hahaha. Haha. Ha! Th’ likes o’ you, slay me? Ne’ar!”

The laugh suddenly echoed into a screech of pain, as blood started flowing freely from his chest. He eyed the other with a cold eye. “Y’think that’s enough? Ye just signed yer own death. Ferget sendin’ ye to th’ south, yer goin’ to hell!”

The stubborn figure laughed wildly, his eyes glittering dangerously from the one light source above. Even has several other dark shapes crowded around him, he continued to laugh insanely, chattering nonsense as he was stabbed. Still laughing insanely, his cries were driven out as he was smothered by dozens of black wings.

The first did an awkward hop and flew out to a barn nearby to get healed by his tribal healer. “Yer dead fer sure, Tylriinn. Fer sure.”

Here's the preview to Wind Beneath my Wings. It is the beginning of the first chapter.

Aside from this, I will never be submitting anything from Wind Beneath My Wings to DA. Check my website and follow the appropriate links if you wish to see it when it is up.
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Ooo o________o Spiffyness, Tegh!

And if it weren't so serious, I bet West Texas would be mentioned in there ^_~
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West Texas yeah.