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Take Another Swig

By iceiwynd
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Yeah, it's been a while. I've been pissing around in other fandoms and just been doodling but not anything meaningful.

It was another request at NHC - guy there wanted me to draw Barney. And he said I could do WHATEVER I WANTED. NOT ANOTHER STUPID FUCKING PLUSH. So I leaped on that and decided Barney in his element would be best.

I love this character and the wasted potential is so, so sad but probably so, so true for so, so many. So.

Pissing around with a slightly differently colouring style, also. Maybe even a little bit with the inking but not so much there... It's been a while since I've successfully completed something; hell, since I even got to a colouring stage, 'cause I havem't felt like doing much more than doodling and trying to work on my anatomy some. So this was different for me since it's been what, two months or so? Man.

Barney Gumble is (c) to Matt Groening.
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The hands definitely need working on, his right seems... I'onno... not laid on the surface of the bar and I think you were going for that. His right just looks strange.

His facial features seem distorted, too [the nose looks off, as if it's too fat and not correctly in proportion to the face, along with his ear], and that second chin looks too large, almost frog-like.

The technical aspect of your work is something I've always really liked, though; that background is really nice, and although your lineart looks a little iffy in places [such as the nose and hands], it is still well done. And colouring is great to look at as always.
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hurf durf, his left hand looks strange. -_-
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hey it's good to see you posting again, I thought you might've gone for good. :hug: this is cool, Barney in his element of complete drunkenness is definitely something the world needs to see more of xD his left hand looks a bit strange though, as if it's twisting at an impossible angle. other than that, good stuff and the colouring is lovely as usual :heart:
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Barney is Pro.
It's very hard to draw in the Simpsons style myself. All hands down, good work on the loveable drunk.