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SonAmy Lovechildren

By iceiwynd
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^^ Here's the start of my new project, Sonic character love children. I'll be doing a boy and a girl for each. Why, I don't know. O_o

The combinations are:


As well as few with my own characters and their loves. ^^

So, this is the Sonamy one. O_o The boy is the one of the left. Don't ask me why he looks like he's PMSing. He just does. XD And the girl is on the right. o_o You can expect weird outfits from the girls out of the ones I make, becuase I have fun doing those. :D

And throughout all of them you can expect the original characters to be in there somewhere, doing some.

And incase you can't read what they're saying:

Amy: Wouldn't it be great if it really happened, Sonikku?
Sonic: Umm... no?

Sonic and Amy (c) to SEGA and Sonic Team.
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please spread:club 4 sonamy fans who make sonamy deviatons and sonamy kid deviations
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That's one of the strangest things I have ever seen.

Nice work, though ^_^ The girl looks better than the boy xD