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Skateboarding by iceiwynd Skateboarding by iceiwynd
The main idea behind this is that I seriously need to learn how to draw people and the like in poses that AREN'T completely standard. You know, some actual action... and while I'm at it, a bit of perspective would be nice.

My anatomy needs some serious work, I know. That's why I'm starting to do things like this. Hopefully.

Uuum you know I really don't have much. I really like Bart?

Bart Simpson is (c) to Matt Groening.
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JuniorGustabo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
Good job.
lucile Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
You've done a good thing with the shadows :)
And Bart is really tough to draw so good job
Shagggy1987 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008
Nice colours :)
kiki-doodle Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, really great job on pulling out an action pose! A lot of your drawings are very static, and lack movement, but I can see the work you put into this. The slightly blurry background really helps capture the movement, and you can tell he's in movement. Something is a little strange about the left arm, and the way the hand grabs the pole, I notice.

Okay, now, my suggestion to getting down better poses, or having more movement, is to always start with an action line when you draw. You draw a line in the direction you want the action to take place, and then draw the character through it. Study references, and do a lot of sketches, and when you start, work slow. Just practice getting down the anatomy, and pose. Eventually, you'll be able to see it all yourself without drawing all the under drawings ^^

Another suggestion. I see you revert to Matt Groening's style a lot. Nothing wrong with this, as it's what you like, but maybe start doing some personal sketches to yourself trying to work out actual anatomy. The reason being is that then, when you do a more stylized version of a human, since you understand where their anatomy would be, it's much easier to draw them caricatured.

Good job. Nice piece.
iceiwynd Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Thank youu!

I do draw actual human anatomy quite a bit, but it never gets shown since I only upload fanart here since it's the only thing that generates any kind of response - that's my deal. Buuut I suppose that like... Hey, if I do some practices on realpeople anatomy on occasion, I could message you and gather some good concrit from you in that sort of situation? Or on LJ perhaps?

I'm absolutely delighted you've gone on this comment spree for me - I will have to return the favour sometime, although unfortunately I won't be nearly as helpful as you are right now.
kiki-doodle Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
You can totally IM me, or ask me through lj any time you want. I'm online far too often doing my work, so... I'm readily available.

Feel free to ask me advice anytime :)

I'd comment more, but I tend to lose drawings deep in the realm of my inbox here.
XToxicityX Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007
I like this, and the background looks really nice, like it's blurring behind him. Couple critiques though: He looks very stiff. He is skateboarding, so you think his legs would be bent somewhat. The arm looks awkward, but I know you said you were gonna work on poses, so it's fine for now. Also, there doesn't really seem to be a definitive light source.

But really, this is a nice picture, you've really gotten awesome at the Simpsons style. I love the expression you gave Bart, and it's just a really nice piece. Good job. :D
Tweekalicious Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
Wow, now that's something to look at ! *o*
I love Bart here, he looks very wild and free-spirited ^^ The colours are great for this kind of picture !
weathermanoc Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007  Professional Writer
Better than what I could do!! Awesome work!!!
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December 23, 2007
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