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Some of you might remember a not-so-used character of mine, Kat. If you don't, too bad. ^^!

Anyway, yeah. O_o It's Kat.

Yes, I know this is way out of porportion. ><; I made the body too long and the feet are huge, but I like the huge feet. It's that god damn body...

And why can I draw decent 3/4 poses on anthros, but not quads?! ><

Kat is (c) to me.
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Woow! I love her wings! Her body is a teensy bit off, but it's still really good. The background is awesome, and she's so cuute-- *shot*
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That's so cute! I especially like the wings and the background. ^_^
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Ooo o_o Spiffyness. The background looks pretty good for it to be rushed XD Nice wings.