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The Undersiders

Evil villain team the Undersiders, we got: Tattletale, Grue, Skitter, Regent, and Bitch with her dogs.

This is the team from this really great …internet novel ( i don’t know what else to call it) its so amazing you should read it, the character have so much depth and the world building is phenomenal. [link]

this is also a birthday present to the person who introduced me to this wonderful book. thank you so much!

skitter came out Really skinny i think i took "scarecrow body-type" too literal, and im glad i drew the dogs, i really love bitch and her relationship with them. the dogs are just as much a part of the team <3
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It's funny to see how short Skitter is. It doesn't make her any less foreboding.
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This is great. I especially like how Skitter and Grue are a kind of dark, imposing presence in the back of the group. The more brightly colored members surround them, and they anchor the others. It comes across as unified, and that's chilling. I feel like you really captured the group's dynamic.
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Awwww love the doggies!
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I really like Regent's mask!
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Nawt baaaaaaad
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god im so honored! your art was some of the first in the story, its amazing and im so happy to contribute! your designs are just incredible! i wish there was more of a fandom to contribute to. you guys are the best most talented! 
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OMG you commented i love your work! your art for worm is amazing! your design for crawler is to die for and AAAA wow youre really great. 
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I love worm so much and I love seeing how other artists see things , when any of us draw worm stuff I always want to look to see how they did this or that ..yaknow how they see things :) I thought yours came out pretty ace as everyone was easily recogniseable (plus you drew dogs ! im still figuring those out ) anyways worm fan bro fist , keep up the good work .
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You nailed this. I especially like how the dogs and Skitter's mandibles came out. Nicely done (:
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