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Comic - A Different Colour by Spitfire-SOS Comic - A Different Colour :iconspitfire-sos:Spitfire-SOS 25 46
Dear Rythian
Dear Rythian,
    I know you never read these. Why would you? It's sorta like having a diary, only less girly. But I mean, it's kinda nice to just... Talk to somebody.
   Believe it or not, it's actually  pretty lonely here at my castle nowadays. Ever since I lost Clucky, I haven't had anyone around. How's Zoey doing? Does she still have that mushroom fetish thing? I hope you two are doing well. You'd make an adorable couple, you know that?
    We should get together sometime for tea or something. I've got Jaffas off the wazoo here, if you wanted some. We never really hang out anymore; not since we were kids. Y'know?
    Anyways, I have some experimenting to do, so I'll write you later.
Your Friend, Duncan
Dear Rythian,
    Sjin's been getting really annoying lately. Even more so than usual, and we both know that's saying something! He keeps stealing my stuff and griefing my builds. I mean, I do it right back, but that's not the po
:iconthaliakal:ThaliaKal 106 141
Daily Painting 1723# Dogphin by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1723# Dogphin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,065 228 Bow by wlop Bow :iconwlop:wlop 17,546 480 Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Thoughts on Wings :iconuzlo:Uzlo 26,702 1,223 Ridgedog by Spitfire-SOS Ridgedog :iconspitfire-sos:Spitfire-SOS 39 45
Eternal part 11 (Final)
The sun was setting behind the mountain, but the cold air was still.
Lomadia stood holding a torch. To her left stood Nano and Lalna, who was pale and struggling to stand and breathe in the cold air. To her right stood Xephos, Honeydew, and Nilesy. Their eyes were red, and Nilesy's lip was still trembling.
Taking a deep breath, Lomadia stepped forward and set the torch down at the base of the funeral pyre. The dry dead wood caught instantly, and the flames spread quickly upwards towards the still body of Ridge.
She stepped back, and they watched in silence as the pyre and the body burned.
Staring at the fire, she thought back to yesterday morning, when they had found his body. She had also found a note on his bedside table. She had read it so many times that she could recite it in her mind.
“If you're reading this, it means I'm probably dead. I'm sick and dying, and I know I'm not going to survive the night. If I somehow do, I'll keep this letter with me and put it out again t
:iconqille:Qille 31 181
Rythian and his Enderminies by Wuselig Rythian and his Enderminies :iconwuselig:Wuselig 89 4
Ghost part 13 (Final)
Nothing but silence followed Trott's announcement. Silence and the wind, along with the occasional stifled sob from the heartbroken walrus.
It took a moment for Lomadia and Ridge to process what Trott had just said. They looked at each other with worry and fear; Ridge had told Lomadia all about what happened with Void. He told her about it the first time he spoke with her after Xephos died.
Slowly, Lomadia knelt down in front of the inconsolable engineer. She put a gentle hand on his shaking shoulder, and he looked up at her, despair written all over his face.
“Trott,” she said gently, “can you tell us what happened?”
“They're gone,” Trott choked out. “T-they're both gone...”
“Start from the beginning,” whispered Lomadia. “Tell us everything that happened.”
Trott gulped and took a deep breath to try and stop his shaking. He glanced past Lomadia's shoulder to see the beach and the ocean. It was a little past midnigh
:iconqille:Qille 24 128
Winter Wolf by Lucky978 Winter Wolf :iconlucky978:Lucky978 2,761 63
Testing #11
”A safe place? I don't know a safe place anymore. I can't trust anyone anymore.” Xephos started off into the forest. Messages began to spam in the chat.
Soldiernumber21 was slain by LividCoffee
Iamzeguard was shot by LividCoffee
FootSoldier was shot by Honeydew
GuArDiAn was shot by Honeydew.
Sniper270 was shot by Honeydew
Cecywillbe21 hit the ground too hard
Tankingsoldier was slain by LividCoffee
Bestwarrior was shot by LividCoffee
Prosforever ws slain by LividCoffee
What are you two doing?!?!?

Xephos shook his head and carried on
He made his way into a clearing of flat plains. His stomach growled loudly. He groaned and slumped on the grass.
"At this rate. I'll starve to death before anything" Xephos looked over his shoulder as something caught his eye. He looked over at a pig in the distance. He stood up lazily as it started to trot away. Xephos went after it as it made it's way into the forest.
"There goes the last of my hunger." Xephos held hi
:iconcecywillbe21:cecywillbe21 4 23
Yoglabs Experiment: Project Enderborn part 21(fin)
Lalnable was awoken by the setting sun that barely shone past the tree line. He woke up and leaned against a wooden post.
“Where am I in the server now?” Lalnable pulled up a map and found himself surrounded by a forest except for a small shack near him and a couple of clearings. He slowly headed to the shack near him. A short statured testificate in a hat walked out, muttering nonsense as usual, she held a potion in her hand and threw it at him. He gasped as he took a hit of damage, he stood slowly and then he took more damage again a couple of seconds later. He growled and threw a knife at the witch that now held a splash potion of harming in her hands. He bit his lip and drew blood as he tried to stop himself from screaming at the pain. She let out a screech before falling to the floor and dying. Lalnable entered the shack, and fell onto his knees as his health dwindled dangerously low. He leaned over a single chest inside and began digging for anything too help him. He
:iconcecywillbe21:cecywillbe21 8 5
Blackrock combat: Rythian by sea1monkey Blackrock combat: Rythian :iconsea1monkey:sea1monkey 96 7 Archangel adoptable: CLOSED by Tytoz Archangel adoptable: CLOSED :icontytoz:Tytoz 88 14 SPN: Who's the Gigantor now, Sammy? by Tytoz SPN: Who's the Gigantor now, Sammy? :icontytoz:Tytoz 294 28 SPN: Can you hold my Coat? by Tytoz SPN: Can you hold my Coat? :icontytoz:Tytoz 400 36


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