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Sketch Commissions
$10/character sketch commissions, black and white lines. References for appearance and poses are appreciated to help speed up the drawing time, so you don't have to wait as long. References can be art of your character from other artists, or just images pulled off the internet for the purpose of example for a pose or features.
I would prefer Paypal transactions, though I could do Points as well. Please note me with your request information.

Adventures in Text -sketch comm- by IceFlame1019

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Fluffus Silverus by IceFlame1019 Fluffus Silverus :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 5 2
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-5
Part 4
"Again?" Plazyma grumbled, flopping on her bed, her limbs splaying over the edges.  "Dammit."
~We won't be visiting the areas you hated.  Who knows?  We could go save the Electrolls again and get you more of those lightning orbs.~
A bit of a smile tugged at her lips.  "Well, when you put it that way..."
"These Light Gems give our powers back?" Flame asked, his head tilted.  Caelos nodded and held out his paw, the tall, thin opalescent gem appearing.  The others stared at it with fascination.
"It's so pretty!" Shimmer whispered, moving over and lightly poking at it.  The crystal spun a few quick revolutions at her touch but otherwise didn't move.  "I can feel pure magic from it...and not the destructive grabby crap like the Dark Gems.  These must be an antithesis."
~I'm gonna give this one to Volteer to study,~ the wind dragon said as he put the gem away into his personal magic storage again.  ~Cryst
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 8 0
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-4
Part 4
It felt awkward, posing in the garden with Spyro.  Cynder swallowed nervously, trying not to move, her tail entwined with Spyro's, feeling a bit silly with her velvet waistcape and her silver veil and her jewelry, especially in contrast to Spyro's rather simplistic leather armor and gem settings.  The fire dragoness sketching them had her eyes all over the two, making her even more uncomfortable.  "How long do we have to sit like this?" she whispered out the corner of her mouth.  
"She's coloring now, she didn't do that yesterday," he hissed back.  Truth be told, he was thoroughly confused; Pyrygnys was rapidly scribbling and smudging everywhere, using all different sorts of colors.  Some of the colors he was pretty sure were nowhere to be found in her field of view, so what were they being used for?
Finally, though, Pyrygnys sat back and huffed with a grin as she looked over her work, then realized she wasn't alone an
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 12 2
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 13
"Secure!" Penny called out, her voice echoing off the stone and down the halls.  Gritting her teeth she carefully leapt off the edge of the hole in the floor, gripping the lead line strapped around her.  From the twitches in the line she could feel Zach lowering her, but she couldn't see anything in the gloom.  A thick fog surrounded her, growing denser the further she descended.  
"Alright," she heard a voice in her visor, "you should be nearing the bottom in"  Solid stone met her shoes.  "Unclip, set a tracking marker on the lead and on the ground."  Unhitching two small orbs she set one on the lead clip and another on the ground, cushioned with a small gel pad to hold it secure.  The orbs glowed brightly, but the fog seemed to eagerly eat up the light.  "Sonar pings are getting fuzzy the deeper you go, set up a data relay antenna.  Zach, you too."  Reaching into her pack, Penny fumble
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 3 0
AAAAAGGGGHH by IceFlame1019 AAAAAGGGGHH :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 6 8
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 12
"Good thing I asked them about all this," she mumbled to herself, holding her glowgem closer to the wall joist and squinting hard, then squeaking a bit when she accidentally bumped the AR visor against the wall.  She could hear Zach behind her, the blue-scaled dragon equipped with some knives and a wrist crossbow.  "Hey Zach," she whispered, tapping at the wall and listening for anomalies.  "Mark this room as safe."
Reaching to his back he pulled a rod from a quiver, then flicked it, a tripod leg assembly springing out.  He then hung on its tip a neon green ribbon with blue chevrons.
"Right...or left..."  The hall forked and she could hear another surveyor team coming up behind her, double-checking her checks.  "Let's take the right."  Taking a rod of her own, she set the tripod with a purple star ribbon, setting it against the wall at the entrance to the right path.  The holopad in her hand updated itself with a sonar pin
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 3 0
Armored by IceFlame1019 Armored :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 1 1 Boing! by IceFlame1019 Boing! :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 3 4 What even is- by IceFlame1019 What even is- :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 4 2
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 11
"Sooo...I got assigned to be a structural surveyor..."  Penny stared at the title on the contract.  "I thought they were gonna assign me something a little more direct."
"I have an idea," Ember offered, peeking into the room.  "Head on over to the restaurant and hit up Mr. Takkamn or some of the others there.  They can give you some tips on that.  But remember, Penny, this is an official contract setup, simulation though it be.  Whatever roles they dole out are essential to the entire project, even if they may be brief or seem stupid."
"Yeah, I know that part but...isn't this like, engineering?  I don't know much about this..."
Sol folded his paper and stood up with a creaking stretch.  "I'll drive ya over there.  I know a few surveyors, I think they may still be in town waiting on their weapon prints."
Putting their jackets on, Sol turned to Zach.  "Mind staying here again?"  A nonchalant shrug was his only
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 1 0
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 10
“There are many things that keep this world running the way it does,” Mrs. Niles rasped, then coughed and cleared her throat.  “The primary source of business and occupation is the recovery, analysis, and repurposing of the technological marvels our ancestors perfected.  The temples and shrines here on Edos were erected to celebrate and preserve various high-level or commonplace pieces of tech or the instructions for such, as a means of conveying it for future generations.”  Moving over to the board, she ran her fingers across it, images of temple sanctums, amalgam engines of metal and stone, domed energy shields, and meteor crash sites popping up all over.  “Many in this room undoubtedly have family members in any or all of these fields of work, ranging from meteor salvage to reverse-engineering to testing and implementation.  There are still estimated to be a vast number of hoards and sanctums here on Edos
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 2 0
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 9
Chapter 9
"Today, we'll be discussing, or reviewing for some of you, a few of the dangers you will encounter regarding beasts in the wild."  Mr. Ichnys moved over and tapped a tile in the floor.  There was some clanking and whirring under the floor, then the empty side of the classroom opened up and a moderately sized blob of blue and green jelly rose up on a table, with a screen of hardened gelatin behind it covering the bookcases.  "This is a very basic variant.  Can anyone of this year's new classes identify this creature?"
A pink girl's hand shot up.  "Oh!  Oh!  It's a bolk!"
"Yes, Stacy.  This is called a bolk, the plural is bolkit."
"From the Inculimal language."
"Very good!  The Inculimal words for mucus, specifically.  Bolkit are a manifestation of dark magic and nanetherite quasigas around a crystal or item core, a very common and cheaply manufactured fodder enemy employed by the Shadow and his mage factions, or ev
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 4 0
Spyro: DOL - Gnasty's Warhammer by IceFlame1019 Spyro: DOL - Gnasty's Warhammer :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 8 9
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Penny stood at the courtyard entrance, clutching her books tight to her chest, all got up in her birthday dress and shirt, with a white sash bearing the school's emblem running from her left shoulder to her right hip.  Wiggling her shoulders she readjusted the straps of her backpack, her paw wandering idly down from her books to the rapier at her hip and the tubular longsword her parents had given her while they finished up her greatsword.  Zach was waiting up by the wide open doors, but she felt shaky all over.  Her first day...  Looking around at the snow-covered statues, bushes, and various abstract art installments, she finally gritted her teeth and stepped forward.  It was gray and misty with early morning light, but a pinkish mauve was cresting the horizon.  How appropriate, she thought to herself.  The courtyard trees shadowed the path against the soft light of the scattered radiant stones illuminating the grounds, castin
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 2 0
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-3
Part 4
"Convexal ether integrity quotient minus fifty-three...ether wind reports speed of 52 knots Z, 23 X, 14 Y..."
"What's he doing?" Photara whispered to Volteer as they watched the short mole scientist rapidly scribbling on his notepad and a chalkboard.
"Trying to figure out how to construct a better portal now that everything's gone haywire.  Glacia landed safely at the Avalar Gardens, but the connection couldn't be maintained.  We need a more reliable method for now.  Most of our scouts got incredibly lucky."
She gazed out over the encampment, watching the remaining regiments still packing up or mingling.  The air was still thick with the stench of sulfurs and other magmatic gases from the Destroyer and the Ring of Fire, but it was much more tolerable now.  Several small groups took off to depart for their homes.  " a month we'll be hosting the celebration at the Settlement?"
"I wish it were now, but yes."
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 14 13
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-2
Part 4
The Valley of Avalar seemed no more than a speck below the two dragons, purple and black speeding through the morning air, laughing and diving at each other and rolling amid the low-lying clouds, relishing in the chilly moisture.  Folding her wings close, Cynder let herself tumble, panting a bit at the rush of speed and adrenaline through her before flaring her wings out and catching a thermal from the morning sun, sweeping into a fast glide right over the tops of the trees.  Spyro zipped by even faster, then folded his wings with a spiraling flap for a speed boost, the air cracking around him as he gave a joyous roar.  Sweeping up into the air, he spun a few times and then flung his wings out, Cynder gliding right up to him and tackling him out of the air.  Laughing and batting at each other, they tumbled back down and splashed into the deep waterfall basin, paddling against the current and coming up with a gasp for breath.
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 10 6
"You're at the end of the map now Jack, here there be monsters!"
--Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Feel free to sail these ye own risk XD

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Well first off, I have to point out that for a knife this beautiful, the background is too busy. Something less detailed would have bee...

by Web5teR

The concept of scary things in the dark when alone is quite old, but wow o_o this is amazingly well-done! The high level of detail, use...


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To those of you who shop on Wish,
I've come across a dealer selling stolen art. What notified me was this piece here:
I notified Kevin-Glint, who then informed me that they do not sell their paintings through other vendors.  If any of you are on wish, please look through the vendor's gallery and notify any other artists that you recognize art from.

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DoL chapter 4-5 is done, I think.  Kinda tired of stressing over it, so I'mma upload it soon as these new Temtem episode uploads stop clogging my net at home.


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