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Sketch Commissions
$10/character sketch commissions, black and white lines. References for appearance and poses are appreciated to help speed up the drawing time, so you don't have to wait as long. References can be art of your character from other artists, or just images pulled off the internet for the purpose of example for a pose or features.
I would prefer Paypal transactions, though I could do Points as well. Please note me with your request information.

Adventures in Text -sketch comm- by IceFlame1019

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Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-3
Part 4
"Convexal ether integrity quotient minus fifty-three...ether wind reports speed of 52 knots Z, 23 X, 14 Y..."
"What's he doing?" Photara whispered to Volteer as they watched the short mole scientist rapidly scribbling on his notepad and a chalkboard.
"Trying to figure out how to construct a better portal now that everything's gone haywire.  Glacia landed safely at the Avalar Gardens, but the connection couldn't be maintained.  We need a more reliable method for now.  Most of our scouts got incredibly lucky."
She gazed out over the encampment, watching the remaining regiments still packing up or mingling.  The air was still thick with the stench of sulfurs and other magmatic gases from the Destroyer and the Ring of Fire, but it was much more tolerable now.  Several small groups took off to depart for their homes.  " a month we'll be hosting the celebration at the Settlement?"
"I wish it were now, but yes."
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Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-2
Part 4
The Valley of Avalar seemed no more than a speck below the two dragons, purple and black speeding through the morning air, laughing and diving at each other and rolling amid the low-lying clouds, relishing in the chilly moisture.  Folding her wings close, Cynder let herself tumble, panting a bit at the rush of speed and adrenaline through her before flaring her wings out and catching a thermal from the morning sun, sweeping into a fast glide right over the tops of the trees.  Spyro zipped by even faster, then folded his wings with a spiraling flap for a speed boost, the air cracking around him as he gave a joyous roar.  Sweeping up into the air, he spun a few times and then flung his wings out, Cynder gliding right up to him and tackling him out of the air.  Laughing and batting at each other, they tumbled back down and splashed into the deep waterfall basin, paddling against the current and coming up with a gasp for breath.
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How to Friend a Tateru - clear by IceFlame1019 How to Friend a Tateru - clear :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 1 0 How to Friend a Tateru by IceFlame1019 How to Friend a Tateru :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 0 0
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-1
Part 4
Clattering of plates.
Sizzling food, smell of smoking wood.
Rustle of tent fabric on the breeze.
Jokes and laughter, wood on wood of drinking mugs or bowls.
Sidian and Tephra sat outside the massive crystals of the Settlement, oblivious to it all, gazing north at the ruined crate of Mount Elamrof.  
The other kids rested together in scattered pairs among the perimeter crystals.
While the party of victory and world reunion went on among the ruins of the Settlement, they could not find it in themselves to join.
Spyro and Cynder hadn't yet returned, and Ignitus's self sacrifice weighed heavily on them.
That battle against the Destroyer had taken everything they had, and even then something had happened at the end despite their failure.  They felt no victory, at least not for themselves.  All they felt at the moment was an exhausted emptiness.  
No one could accurately remember the moment the world had ended.  They all felt a d
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Crystal Digital Temtem idea by IceFlame1019 Crystal Digital Temtem idea :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 10 0 Ask: Dawn of Light - 04 by IceFlame1019 Ask: Dawn of Light - 04 :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 5 1 Ask: Dawn of Light - 03 by IceFlame1019 Ask: Dawn of Light - 03 :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 12 6 Ask: Dawn of Light - 02 by IceFlame1019 Ask: Dawn of Light - 02 :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 7 0 Ask: Dawn of Light - 01 by IceFlame1019 Ask: Dawn of Light - 01 :iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 11 1
Verdant Tale -- Chapter 7-2
Verdant Tale
Chaper 7 Part 2
From here, Penny just stared.  The main building sat at the top of an incline, not too steep but affording a decent view of the rest of the grounds, at least what she could see between the various types of trees.  To the left and right, she saw other vast buildings in the distance, no doubt the extensions where similar classes were hosted.  She'd heard that the school was huge, but to see it was something else.  Scales of all colors were milling around the park.  Penny almost expected to see one of the other seven green dragons among them, but no luck there.  The park was a beautiful arrangement of statues and gardens and orchards and groves and viewing decks for relaxing, and there were fountains and water channels everywhere.  Here and there she could see some teachers taking groups of students between various patches, indicating the different plants and asking questions. Unlike their surroundings, everything here was pr
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Verdant Tale -- Chapter 7-1
Chapter 7 Part 1
"Do I really need to go through this?" Penny asked nervously, sidling up to Zach's side as she gazed up at the impressive marble building looming before them.  Two massive statues of explorers stood guard on either side of the wide circular courtyard.
"Yes," Zach replied simply, giving her a little nudge with his elbow.  "This place is far better than school was.  You should be ready after our training and studies."
"Are you coming with me?"
He gave her a rather long, studying look that made her uneasy.
"I mean...I think I'd be better with you with me."
"Uh...I dunno really.  I guess studying is easier when you have someone else around for it."  She wanted to say something else too but it died on her tongue.  As much as they'd been hanging out together, was Zach her friend?  Or was he just performing a duty and nothing more? Over and over she had wondered this about him.
"I can see you have something on y
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Spyro: Dawn of Light, 3-59
Part 3 END
A bright light overhead and a warmth all over his body roused the young dragon from his sleep, but he felt so sore all over he didn't want to move.  A soft wind blew over him, with a playful touch that felt almost alien to his battle-weary form.  
Water was trickling nearby, some sort of stream or small river.
Birds were chittering away without a care in the world.
The wind rustled the grasses all around him with hissing whispers, tree leaves swaying and muttering sweet nothings in the breeze.
A sleepy groan and shuffling next to him made him open his eyes slowly, blinking back the sunlight.  Lifting his paws and flexing them, he rubbed his eyes and yawned, stretching and then flinching when he briefly got his horns stuck in the soft soil beneath them.  The motion roused whoever was next to him, a black-scaled shape rolling over and then stretching.  
"Mmmph..." she whimpered, but then shot up and looked around wildly.
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Spyro: Dawn of Light, 3-58
Part 3
"It''s him.." Cynder whimpered, her eyes huge.  
"Shh...calm down Cynder, we can do this..." Spyro replied, though his voice wavered.  His whole body felt tight and his head was spinning.
That dark form grinned wickedly at them, paws crossed languidly as he lounged on his sofa-throne.  The other kids were strewn about on the floor of this throne room, Shimmer nosing at Neves to try to rouse him.  "Valiant efforts, pathetic brats.  I did so very much enjoy your play of my game.  Especially you, Cynder, you've done so very well, and you did everything right."  Lifting his paw, he flicked a claw, the serpent necklaces on Spyro and Cynder's necks vanishing.  "Let's get you more comfortable, my esteemed guests."
"Doesn't feel very welcoming," Spyro stated, to which the dark one laughed to himself.  
"Perhaps not to you, but Cynder should feel quite at home now."  He smirked proudly, crossing his p
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Spyro: Dawn of Light, 3-57
"Are they gonna just sit there?" Plazyma grunted.  
"Let them be..." Neves said with a sigh.  "They almost literally have the world on their shoulders."
Sidian shook his head.  "I'm telling you guys, this is a b-b-bad"  
"You have no proof."
"No, I don't.  But m-my heart says no."
"We may not have a choice either way.  Even if this is a trap...we need to trust to hope."
The black earth dragon stamped his paw and snarled.  "You brought me along, I should just fly back with the Earth Orb."
"Then why don't you, if you're so adamant on this?" Plazyma growled back.  "Ignitus sent us through the Ring on purpose knowing this could be the trap you think it is.  If it's that bad, then go.  But we will not have you spitting on his last efforts just because you're afraid of something you can't even properly remember."
Caelos bopped her on the snout and Neves shot her a dark look.  "That w
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Verdant Tale -- Chapter 6
Verdant Tale
It seemed the food had been delivered en masse, for the area felt fuller than it had been when they'd arrived and everyone was seated rather than milling around.  No small wonder as Penny sat at their table and inhaled slowly.  The aromas from the covered dishes at their places were amazing!  Her place in particular had several covered plates.  
"Oh my..."
Lifting the covers, she practically froze at the sight.  Meat strips lightly fried and generously seasoned, stewed vegetable bowls, honeyed items, and a long platter of seafood in a yellow buttery sauce accompanied by fries of some sort, rather greenish but smelling scrumptious.  She couldn't even remember moving to take pieces to try, but the explosion of flavor left her quite stunned.  Salts, sweets, fats, vegetables, all sorts of flavors danced in her mouth.  Nothing had ever tasted this good!  Penny was practically melting at the table with how much she was enjoy
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 2 0
"You're at the end of the map now Jack, here there be monsters!"
--Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Feel free to sail these ye own risk XD

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Well first off, I have to point out that for a knife this beautiful, the background is too busy. Something less detailed would have bee...

by Web5teR

The concept of scary things in the dark when alone is quite old, but wow o_o this is amazingly well-done! The high level of detail, use...


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I apologize for the lateness of the Ask! series, it seems pretty clear that anything I start new, life's going to step in the way of.

I started a new job at Dunkin Donuts, working overnight as a Baker/Finisher, but going from sedentary healing from the door impact at Harbor Freight to standing and working for 8-9 hours straight a night has given me quite the powerful fatigue.  Before DD, I was unable to stay asleep more than 6 hours, but now I'm oversleeping my alarm to almost 12 hours of sleep when undisturbed.  I don't know what's going on with that, but it's really thrown me for a loop and made me miss a LOT of what I had planned to get done.  Everything's behind.  @_@

Not giving up on it.
Just...basically weathering the delays as best I can.
Stories are being edited and revised slowly before I post their chapters, and I've caught some major issues in Dawn of Light, so...heh, guess the delay was good for that?  oy.
The Ask! series is slowly bringing my drawing back up so hopefully I can dive back into Deepest Winter...I still don't understand how that and DoL went an entire year without updates.  No matter how I wrack my brain I just can't figure out how I lost that much time...and it's been depressing, but it's been time spent smoothing things out in the end.

To those of you still sticking around,
Thank you so much for staying with me despite my constant stream of delays, false starts, and general bullcrap.  The comments and general presence really help keep me going with all this.  I can't make any promises on anything anymore, not when I've looked back and seen so many failed attempts and predictions, but I don't plan on giving these projects up if I can help it.  At this point I'm just fitting them into wherever I can, since life's apparently not going to afford me any semblance of stability.  I want to get my Patreon more aptly advertised, but I feel like I need to get Verdant Tale and another story to a point where it's not stuck in intro mode.  Verdant Tale has a lot of its future chapters written, but it's been somewhat stuck in how to reach them, so there's been a lot of writing and deleting and rewriting.  Dawn of Light will eventually have to finish, but there are still mysteries to uncover and history to explore.  All I'll say is, the story will start to reveal how the world got to the way it was.  :P


Ask My Stories!

Soooo, the way this is gonna work is, I'll have a list of characters available for question direction for each medium.
Ask a few questions if you want and we'll see who's up to answering :P (Lick)
Answers will be done as sketches for now.
If I can get some traction on Patreon after all this job switch debacle is over, Patron questions might be illustrated with color.  

Spyro: Dawn of Light
  • The main 8 (Spyro, Cynder, Neves, Shimmer, Flame, Caelos, Plazyma, Sidian)
  • The six Guardians (Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril, Terrador, Rivyera, Nightshade)
  • Tribe Leaders (Sol, Aquamarine, Aerya, Crespus)
  • Tephra
  • Ember
  • Photara (or her clanmates)
  • Villains (Gnasty, Ripto, Malefor, Gaul, Grendor)
The Chronicler will not be available for questions, but may step in to correct or address something, or perhaps assist in a time-skip if someone wants to ask a question pertaining to a previous point in the story :P (Lick)

Verdant Tale
  • Penny
  • Zach
  • Sol
  • Ember
  • Lei
  • more to be added later!
Deepest Winter
  • Names will be opened as they're revealed in the comic reboot

Basic rules:
--Keep questions respectful
--Characters can't give answers pertaining to the story's future.  The characters are blind to anything beyond where their story sits at the time of the question, even if possible sketches or story snippets appear or have appeared in my gallery.  For instances like Deepest Winter where the story has been restarted a few times, only the current iteration of the story may answer the questions, and they are blind to anything else that happened before their iteration.
--They won't answer lewd stuff.  In fact they'll probably rip your face off.  :P (Lick)

Questions will be accepted in the Comments of this journal.

Ask away!
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I have a Tumblr but I never use it. 

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Well.  That was a "Smashing" bomb drop of reveals.  o_o #e32018nintendo 
Was digging through my old hard drives, and found a roughdraft of a really old derp project from the early days of my fanfiction.

Spyro runs his own pastry shop, when this big company-minded dragon, Malefor, horns in on the city and tries to compete with sugar-packed treats. 

...aaaand that's about it.  It had no real plot.  xD  
I think I was writing it just as a spur of the moment "what if?" but it didn't get far because that's all it was, it had no relevant backbone.


thanks for the fave!
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GOD MAN WHAT THE HELL.........your awsome i enjoy your spyro story.
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Hi ^^ Your art rules :3
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Spyro gamers and lovers unite!
Thu Feb 17, 2011, 11:17 AM
Thanks for the :+fav: :bow:
Fri Jan 21, 2011, 1:37 AM
Thanks for the :+fav: :bow:
Fri Jan 7, 2011, 6:42 AM
nyaaaaa o3o i totally forgot about my shoutbox D:
Sat Nov 27, 2010, 10:02 AM
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Shooouuuuut D: did you forget about me?
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