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First Time Procreate Test Doodle



Hello I'm not dead

I haven't really drawn much in well over a year, but I've done some random scribbles. Didn't want to deal with setting up all my usual stuff since I've got increasingly less desk space to work with. It's not like it takes up much space to have 1 water jar and my watercolor set/colored pencils/sketchbook/etc but there's also stuff like notebooks and study material I generally keep lying on the desk even when I'm not actively using them bc I don't have any shelf space either -- idk, in the end, there's just too much stuff getting in the way so I haven't really done anything despite being inspired regularly. Which sounds pretty stupid but I guess that's how executive dysfunction works.

On the other hand, I recently got a 2021 iPad Pro for pretty much the sole purpose of being able to use Procreate. The last time my family had an iPad was the literal iPad 2 -- like a decade ago. Its life ended when my brother broke (smashed) it, but by then it had been a long time since I last touched it myself, never mind the last time I even saw it. I had my dad's old iPhone 4s for a couple years in high school, but that was the last time I used Apple anything. Sorry Apple fans, I don't like the Mac layout lol.

So far I'm satisfied with the performance of Procreate but am not terribly impressed with the iPad itself -- I thought a lot more would change in the past 10 years, but I was mistaken. The UI is also clunkier than I expected due to the lack of changes and the general size of the iPad.

I've had a screenless Huion that I've tried to use only a handful of times, and I found out I was constantly unable to make my brain figure it out. I would often run the stylus off the drawing area and I could barely connect any lines, much less make a sketch from scratch. I also couldn't make the pen pressure thing work again after the first time I tried to use it. I know some people make a paper sketch and then draw over it, but one of the reasons I wanted to break into digital was to skip having to scan everything cuz it's annoying af and the scanner I do have access to is only good at scanning documents, not pictures (taking a pic with my phone and then fixing it was literally more accurate). So all those designs and digital art in my gallery/tagged to my name so far I actually did with a mouse, but that becomes painful after a while and I am unable to try more complex patterns that require longer single strokes (stuff like 'tabby', etc). So far I've made do on some other somewhat complex markings with a lot of improv and brush manipulation.

Yes, I could've literally saved money buying something like a Wacom Cintiq 16, but as I understand it the screened drawing tablets act as an extension/mirror of your computer -- mine is in dire need of a beefier upgrade in nearly every aspect and I'm still researching that. Despite shoving as much stuff as I possibly could into external hard drives, it seems there's still a crap ton of stuff left choking up my storage and I've gotten to the point where I just straight up need more RAM too. Getting a png saved off a finished design can take me almost 5 minutes if I'm also trying to browse the internet. So yes, I could've gotten a cintiq, and then I would've been unable to fit the driver software on my laptop and I would still be limited by the performance capacity of my laptop's existing specs. I may try one in the future when I find a new machine I like, but we'll see cuz now I'm broke af lmfao.

Maybe I could've skipped the iPad + accessory prices and just gotten a new laptop, but again I'm still researching laptop things cuz while I may be computer savvy, I have no clue what I actually need/want in a machine since I've never used a beefy one myself to even know what the difference is. I could've also probably not gotten a Pro model but my dad strongly believed I should choose the best we could get (without being too over the top, cuz I doubt there are that many people who would have a reason to max out all the specs) so that it will be able to serve for as long as humanly possible without needing intermediate upgrades and whatnot. And the M2 Pro that was released lately was a lot more expensive despite not having too much of a justifiable difference. I tried really hard to find a balance between stronk/long-lasting without maxing out the expenses but in the end I'm still broke just cuz of how Apple is. I'd rather die than buy the official keyboard folio thing but typing on the fatass screen is so clunky I'm starting to understand why others get it anyway lmaoooo


This picture was drawn with just 2 of Procreate's given default brushes, the horse was painted on one layer, and the background I just scribbled a little on another layer. And when I was done about half an hour later I realized whenever Idk what to draw I just end up drawing a horse. I may make a fun video about that someday.

I've tried to do a few other things so far that are nowhere near finished but I find that trying to use Procreate to recreate the methods I use for my mixed media drawings doesn't work all that great because my hands are actually quite unsteady at times -- sometimes my hand will jerk in some random direction or wobble for no reason, and it's less of an issue with traditional but digitally every little wobble shows up even with stability options. And of course, without using layers everything will inevitably blindly cover everything else if you simply grind it hard enough lol. However, using Procreate to "paint" much like a traditional canvas works absolutely great since I don't really have to care as much about layers or anything.

For the time being it feels super freeing only having to deal with this 1 device (or 2, if you count the Apple Pencil as a separate unit) instead of trying to fit 4-5 large objects in what little space I have. I still wanna work on my traditional skills but I just don't have a good dedicated space -- nor proper ventilation for things I would like to try that require it. Sculpey especially takes up quite a bit of space and setup and that's the main reason why after my initial dabbles I didn't really do much more. So I'm broke af rn but I feel like this is a great avenue that I now have better access to since I've got tools that work better for me. All I need to do is practice using them. While idk if I'll post more it's kind of a given that I'd be drawing more to learn how to use Procreate better along with some other programs.

If you managed to read all the way to the bottom -- thank you.
Might regret blabbing so much later cuz did y'all really need to know? No. But do I feel better that it's there if someone wants to know? Hell yeah.
If you happen to be in a similar boat maybe my word vomit will help you out.
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