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Sketch. Outline. Color. Repeat.
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“Sketch. Outline. Color. Repeat.”

Hello! This is a shared account with multiple people. You may know me as Icefall456, or The Channel of Digital Art. We post art, requests, commissions, YCHs, Adoptables, random things and nonsense sometimes! This is a NSFW-free place, we always put the filter if we ever do anything (most likely we won’t even post it or it will be very light gore like a tiny cut or something) so feel free to look around without feeling scared to end up with something inappropriate pop up on your screen! We mostly speak English, but some other languages too! If I don’t understand you, we will use google translate. We have a Toyhouse, if you want to check it out it is here:

We also have a YouTube channel:

And... ArtFight!


We are currently re-making the commission journals and posts from the last year ones! (These only apply to journal commissions, not YCHs and etc.)

Please read our rules and TOS before you continue!

Have a nice day (Or night!)

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Baking shows? XD
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Warriors, Wings Of Fire, FoxCraft, Guardians of Ga’ Hoole, Survivors, And then there were none, AAAND MANY MORE!
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X-Box One
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I’m interested in tips on how to get rid of annoying little flies that annoy you when you’re trying to draw Icefall

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Rules and TOS

Rules and TOS

Background image credits: Hello, if you are reading this you come from a link given by Icefall456, or The Channel of Digital Art. If you got this from another person, then I don’t know why they did that. But anyways, in order to do anything me-related, you must agree to my rules and TOS: 1. No gore/inappropriate stuff including NSFW(unless told to do so, but not likely) 2. No swearing/swear replacements 3. Do not ship any of my characters unless I have a note that says so 4. Do not change my characters’ forms. Feral stays feral, anthro stays anthro, unless there’s a reference has it. If it says,” ??? version is still designing” doesn’t mean you go think you got honors and say,”Oh, I’m assuming that this is what you’re thinking about, and I hope that’s fine!” That’s not fine. 5. Do not copy, trace or steal my characters. But you may take their palettes (well duh, COLORS ARE FREE!) 6. If you’re getting a character from me, do not use it

Pupcup for sale!

Pupcup for sale!

Few months ago, I bought a Pupcup named Victor. I liked him and drew him a lot, but soon I lost interest in him. I...I didn’t know what to do with him anymore. I bought him for $10, and with all the art I made for him, he’s currently $15. Please consider purchasing him, it would be appreciated! Victor’s worth is currently $15 Value Check: More info: Victor: Pupcups are a closed species by @scribblin and @AmaJadeWolf. For more info about the species, please contact the owners of the species, not me! scribblin: AmaJadeWolf: If you want to adopt him, please note me on DeviantArt, PM me, or comment down below. I still love him a lot, but unfortunately I can’t keep him because I have lost interest in him and that’s one of the many reasons why. Have a nice day!

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Icefall456Student Digital ArtistFeatured
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