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Heroes of Sovngarde - Skyrim



I tell you something, I'm loving drawing Skyrim stuff right now. Enjoy another offering of fan art from the lands of Tamriel... or rather, the Asgard of the Nordic folk.

Sovngarde is probably the single most beautiful place I've ever visited in a video game, so it only made sense to draw the penultimate event that takes place there. None other than the final confrontation between the World Eater, the 3 heroes, and Rhalas Dovahkiin.

This is going to be difficult to top. *ponders*

Skyrim copyright© Bethesda Softworks.

Art copyright©2012 - Nathan Lowndes :iconlowndesuk:
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When I look at the picture, overall, it looks amazing and it hides hours of work.

The first thing that cathches your eye is the well done sky of Sovngarde. I would rate the sky 12 out of 10, if I could. I think, the dragon is the core of the picture and it should be more detailed even though, you detailed the background.

The flare effect, shadowing on the wyvern and the fighters are well mastered. Also I really like the mist. Not really the way you you expressed the mist, but simply the fact it is there.

The wyvern. The shouting detail of its mouth is well done, but I don't like the symmetricity of the wings. I happen to see one mistake. The circular line on both sides of the wings at the same exact spot, which means you made one wing and flipped it over. BUT, as I look at the picture, I see a lot of work, so it is dispensable. Also, I'd like to point on the technique, which you used on the whole dragon. Texture full of lines would be good, if this was just a sketch. This is a fninished masterpiece, so I think, the sketch-line teqnichue isn't corresponding to the other aspects of the art.

I don't really think, I should judge the originallity of this art, because it's fanart. But though, the layout is still somehow original, so there you go! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

I love this masterpiece, and wish you good luck in achieving your goals!
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