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Egyptian Dancer

LOVE LOVE LOVE the BOSS Portrait lights. I am terrible at lighting, especially portraits but this light set is incredibly userful and makes it very easy!  Its by pa_The Philosipher over on DAZ 3D.  Not out yet but very soon.

Daz Studio - No Postwork
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Truly outstanding piece of work.  One of the best works anywhere on DA. 

I suggest you also do essentially the same picture of the dancer performing privately for the Pharaoh while nude except for jewelry and a G-string.
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Thank you!  I may do that at some point
Thanks for getting back to me on this matter.  I look forward to seeing such a work if you go ahead with it.
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No I usually print them out and frame them as is.
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It's beautiful. The colouring is really nice. The background emphasizes the figure.
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Thank you very much!
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The lighting is fantastic in this, so dramatic and pretty!
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Thank you!  The lighting set I used for this just came out at Daz today.  Called the BOSS lights.  Really great portrait lights and super easy to use.
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Oh, I can see why the Gallery Guardians over at DAZ didn't approve of that dress! Good thing there's DA! :)
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Good thing!  I personally thought it was rather tactful but hey, what do I know lol.
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Nice image.  I didn't even notice how sheer that dress was the first time I saw it.  Great lighting.
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Thank you!  The mods on Daz noticed lol.  No big deal I knew I was skirting close to the edge on that one. 
Knittingmommy's avatar
Oh, well.  These things happen.  At least, you have a place where you can still put it.
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Yes that's true. Interestingly enough the image is still in my gallery...
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awesome lighting and love that dress
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Its the Children of Aten 2
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Thanks!  Its Pharoahs of the Sun for V4 using the children of aten textures.  Can't remember if its children of aten 1 or 2 though
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