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Blender Beginner Project Room And Stool

Just learning to model in Blender and Carrara.  Following along on some tutorials I have managed to model, texture and uv map the floor, two walls (honestly, just simple planes but hey, I'm counting it lol) the cushion and the legs on the stool. 
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Looking great, I really like the wall textures
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You are working with Blender! That's awesome!! :D How is it so far? Is it hard to learn?
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You know what?  for the longest time I would open it, look at it, and then run screaming in the other direction lol.  I started learning to model in Carrara a bit and then Liana and I got to talking and decided to start a beginners beginner thread for Blender in the Art Studio.  I started with the set of 10 Youtube videos by Jacob Lewis and it started to click.  He is awesome, he literally walks you through the interface, you can see what his key strokes are on the bottom right of the screen, he goes slow enough that its easy to actually follow along (although I regularly have to to pause, back up, and fix whatever mess I've made lol.) I did have to change the right and left mouse buttons because it was backwards from the way everything else i've ever done works and it drove me nuts. Its in the setting tab, Tabasco Jack mentions it in the thread on the first or second page.

I actually really like it now that I've found a video series that is comprehensible and easy to follow.

Here is a link to the thread…
And a link to the videos by Jacob Lewis…;
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Oooh, thank you for the links! Hug It is always difficult but fun to learn a new program. I'm not ready to start just yet, but I certainly want to someday. Now I'll have some helpful information to help me when I do! :aww:
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Anytime!  Its always easier if there are links lol.  I really enjoy the challenge of learning new things. I like it even better when I'm to the point where its not quite like pulling teeth! I really like that moment when I go OH!  THAT'S how it works.  And then it does lol.
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Gonna live vicariously through you for a while, since I would LOVE to be doing the same thing but I feel vastly over committed at the moment.
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I totally understand lol!  I struggle daily with time management and fitting in everything I want to learn how to do!
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good start, I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Well It could become my summer project, when I will have only my labtop to work with, so no DAZ, thinking of trying blender or going fo Gimp in greater detail... still some time to decide though
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The set of ten tutorials I am following are for someone who literally doesn't know anything about blender or modelling.  Very very well done and easy to follow.  Its these -… Jacob Lewis utube channel is a beginner series using Blender 2.73
Lots of good beginner stuff in this thread -… -  We started this for those of us non technical newbies to Blender lol. 
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Good start!   It's all about learning the workflow and the techniques.  Look forward to seeing more!
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Thank you!  Just knowing where stuff is and a simple explanation of what it does in a project based setting seemed to really help.
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It's a start, girl!  I'd count it, too!  :)
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Great work dragon! We all start somewhere, keep going, you're doing great :)
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Thanks!  Super excited that it seems to have finally clicked lol.
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