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The Truth Hurts
I'm on my bed finishing projects and essays. My brother is on the other with my mom whining on how he will have to lie to his teacher for not having enough sleep. He's in second grade and acts like his homework is as hard as Algebra and American History. I understand that his homework is hard for him like any other 2nd grader but he doesn't have to handle the stress of deadlines, large amounts of studying, tests, and homework. he still gets to be a kid while I had to grow up too fast. He doesn't realize how lucky he is to be 8 and have fun. I barely get that anymore and my only escape is my art. Just because he says he doesn't sleep at 11 or 11:30 isn't true.While I'm awake and slaving away on homework at 9:00 I tell him,"Go to bed mom will be home soon."He doesn't listen and waits until 10 to 10:30 for her to come back. He says he doesn't get enough sleep and I have had enough of his whining.
You think you're not sleeping?
Don't lie, I see right past your disguise
You say your not sle
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Feel my heartbeat,
As I feel yours
The heartbeat of a parent,
Something precious
Listening to the beat of their heart
Knowing they are still alive and with you
No matter how much they could annoy you
Or bother you at times
Not hearing their heartbeat
Is unbearable
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Embracing Darkness at Heart by icecream234 Embracing Darkness at Heart :iconicecream234:icecream234 2 0 Fate Brought Love, Love Brought... by icecream234 Fate Brought Love, Love Brought... :iconicecream234:icecream234 1 0 Who will Win? The Light or Dark? by icecream234 Who will Win? The Light or Dark? :iconicecream234:icecream234 1 0
You can't Erase Me
You think you can erase me?
Erase me of my existence?
Because of what?
For being a mistake,
Not being perfect,
For just being the way I am
You expect to just cross me out 
And lay there forgotten?
You created me
Yet after one, tiny, mistake
You call me terrible, ugly, ruined
Well no
That's what you think
But really your biggest mistake
Can become your greatest master piece 
And what did you do?
Trying to erase me from the world
Not wanting to show them 
Your mistake
You are wrong
I'm not a mistake 
I'm just a step to a masterpiece
So next time don't scribble me out
Don't try to hide me
And remember that you shouldn't be embarrassed
Because i'm just started out as a sketch or doodle
But in the end it will come out like you wanted
I'm your practice sketch 
Not your mistake
And really my existence will leave a mark
Maybe you won't realize it 
But now you do 

:iconicecream234:icecream234 1 6
I Don't Care
I don't care
I don't give a damn
I don't f***** care!
You judge me,
Look at me like I'm an alien
You only look with your eyes
You only listen to what others tell you
About me 
You don't speak to me
You don't even try to get to know me
All you do is look and hear
I thought you were nice,
I thought we could be friends 
But no
You just look and hear
Look at me with judged eyes
Thinking of who you think I am
When I'm not like that
Hear what others tell you about me
Good or Bad
Either way now,
I. Don't. Care. Anymore!
Sooner or later
You'll realize who I really am 
And see how you treated me
Not with bullying and fists
But with a judging glare towards me
And saying that you Hate me...
And for what?
I never did anything to you 
Just liking you isn't a crime
But NO
You didn't see that 
All you did was look and hear
I was hurting because of you 
I wanted to cry 
But I couldn't
I wanted to scream
But nothing came out of me
So now
I'll move on,
:iconicecream234:icecream234 1 10
We Are Just Humans by icecream234 We Are Just Humans :iconicecream234:icecream234 0 0
My Hat
I bought a hat on Saturday
It was a black, wool beanie
Two days later I lost it 
Just as I am walking home
I finish my homework,
as quickly as I can
When I tell my parents that
I searching for my hat 
They just stare and tell me:
"Really that ugly hat"
"That hat was a dollar"
"You have a bunch of others"
"We can always get you a new one"
Yeah sure a new one 
Well then haven't you thought of what I wanted to do
I wanted to search for it,
I wanted to find it
I want to wear it and feel its comfort
So what if I had it for a short time,
I has given me more comfort than you ever will
You just don't realize
That just because its a hat
Doesn't mean it's "just a hat"
It means that it's my hat
The one I bought 
It gives me warmth
It gives me comfort
It gives me strength,
Strength to show my uniqueness
My weirdness
So no it isn't "just a hat"
It's my hat and,
I. Will. Find. It.
:iconicecream234:icecream234 0 2
A True Artist
What makes a true artist?
What is a true artist?
Does a true artist have to:
Dress up uniquely,
Be creative,
Act differently from everyone else, 
Always focused on art,
Draw Amazingly,
Without even trying...
Be yourself.
Shy. Outgoing. Crazy. Sad. Upset. Lonely. 
Express yourself.
A use of darkness to fading. Using watercolors to create leaves. Three dimensional shapes repeating with red, blue, and yellow.
Love your art.
"Art is made from hard work, emotions, and a lot of fun!"
Graphic. Designing. Painting. Ceramics. Animation. Photography. Cosplay.
Try Hard.
Art won't become amazing at first...
It takes yourself and your mind,
To want to get better and to do better.
Just have fun.
Do splatter paint. Enjoy the feeling of taking that beautiful sunrise. Or have fun cosplaying and creating the best cosplay ever.
Not everything will be perfect.
But imperfections could become...
Your greatest creation...
Enjoy The true artist in you. No matter what kind of art, throug
:iconicecream234:icecream234 1 0
Code Geass: Shattered by icecream234 Code Geass: Shattered :iconicecream234:icecream234 4 4 Sora and Roxas: One by icecream234 Sora and Roxas: One :iconicecream234:icecream234 3 0 Shy Girl by icecream234 Shy Girl :iconicecream234:icecream234 0 2
Would You...
Would you...
Love me for who I truly am?
No matter what is behind,
my mask?
Would you...
Understand me?
Of the trials and tribulations
I've been through,
Of who I am?
Would you...
Cherish me?
No matter how I look,
Where I'm from, 
Or how I am viewed?
Would you...
See me? 
Viewing me as myself,
And not the mask I put up?
Would you...
Believe me?
Knowing when I speak the truth
Or speak those little white lies?
Would you...
Trust me?
With a secret
Or with something precious?
Would you...
Put up with me?
No matter how much,
I screw up?
Would you...
Be my friend?
Just sticking with me
Is enough?
Would you...
Want to know me,
For me?
Not the mask I put up everyday
But the real me behind it
Wanting to be held
Wanting to be known 
Wanting to show the world 
That I'm different
Not someone to control
But someone who is ready
To fight 
And be free
To let out who I am
Would you though...?
:iconicecream234:icecream234 7 10
Contest 9: My Bloody Angel by icecream234
Mature content
Contest 9: My Bloody Angel :iconicecream234:icecream234 3 2
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Writing Tips: Writing for Kids (7-11)
Well, you guys wanted it, you got it. Speaking of that, a specific writing tips on almost any topic you want is a patreon reward.Thirteen people are already entitled to one of these, and seven more can be. I think only one person asked for one to be done. But other than that, I'm going to shoot down one of the most requested topics ever: how to write for children without talking down to them. Not to be confused with how to write children, which is an entirely different topic that requires its own article. As tempting as it is to say just don't talk down to kids, there's more to it. There are specific things you need to do to appeal to kids. After all, kids probably won't be interested in a movie like Waking Life or a book like War and Peace, despite their merits. Also keep in mind that adults do enjoy things like Gravity Falls or Harry Potter. A good children's story appeals to people of all ages, but it doesn't exactly work the other way. And it goes beyond something like Saving Priva
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 309 71
Seven Steps To Happiness (Various X Reader)
Think Less, Feel More.

The blonde boy sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He was leaning over a dark wooden table, pouring over strategic techniques, maps of the walls and land beyond, and books that he thought would help along. Armin hadn't slept in, what? Thirty-seven hours, right? The Commander sure had put a load on him.
"Armin?" A soft voice echoed. The boy froze, with his eyes on a certain map. "What're you doing up so late in the library? It's three in the morning."
"Sorry (f/n), I've just been working on this stuff Erwin told me to do..." Armin answered sheepishly, turning around. The girl stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest and one hip jutted out to the side.
The (h/c)-haired girl gave him a concerned smile. "You should rest." She said softly, walking to where he stood. He turned back to the table and set his hands on the edge of wood, gripping it tightly.
"I know, I know, I just... I don't know what to think about any of these pla
:icongreystream:Greystream 364 132
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I mean on art. I love art and want to become something with it but on how I see other artists and myself, I feel pathetic. I try but I get nothing. Will I every get better? Should I just give up? What can I do? I don't know what to do anymore...


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United States
I'm not an artist yet until I have made something out of myself, inspired people and have changed to the person I want to be.
I enjoy many things especially art, reading, writing, and taking pictures. I am trying to vary to different types of art and get better at art as well. My opinion on art is that art is natural and is meant to be expressed by enjoyment and emotion. I'm very shy but when people get to know me i can actually be outgoing.


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