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Rubik's Glass

By IceBone
If Rubik was a better designer, he'd make it like this. :P

Program: 3DStudio Max 6.0

Renderer: Mental Ray 3.2.6

Render Time: Dunno yet, i saved it when when all was left was white space, but i think it'll be about 20 hours.
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That looks freakin' awesome!
ArtisDragon's avatar
OMG. I'd buy this!
Swhit378's avatar
are you sure you diddent take a picture it looks too real !!!!OMG
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You know, if someone could make the pieces so as the inner facing sides of them had the correctly sized indentations and a center piece (not seen) where all six sides had the dimples, it could be assembled and held together with magnets. It'd be kinda cool, all glass with no mechanical parts :)
xBNx's avatar
Oh my god. I wish one of these existed.
wow...faved it....are you going to make one??
I'd buy it.
anifell's avatar
Super cool. Almost too cool to be a rubik's cube.
perdidostreetstation's avatar
Superb, and solvable. XD
Kyuubi840's avatar

I can solve one in 40~50 seconds, but I would take more time with that one. Glass would make lots of friction >_>
Kirachi-and-Jack's avatar
Wow, I totally agree with you there!!!
I love Rubik's cube... as you can probably tell from my gallery...
Amazing, I love it!!!
wolbashi's avatar
I'd like to solve this cube :D pretty work :)
chengkor's avatar
monochrome-comfort's avatar
It's about time they did a more modern version. Y'know, for the "kids of today", or something >_>
Basically, they should use this.

As a piece of art, it's just stunning.
VNGRP's avatar
Wow:wow: itz a beauty.... wld luv to see one in real.. a collector's item for sure!:greetings:
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Azzers's avatar
that is amazing a definate fave
shea-'s avatar
MrHen's avatar
Very cool. It would be nice to see the colors a little more distinct though.

PC-JUNKY's avatar
You better get this idea patented and see if the Rubik company will buy it and make this for real, before someone else does . . .
foxgguy2001's avatar
SUPER COOL MAN! I would love this if it had some typography under the rubix saying rubix, you know what i mean, with like a cool drop shadow or something like that, but i love this!
NecrochildK's avatar
Beautiful as always! Man, even if something like that couldn't turn, I'd love to have one for my shelf!
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