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Aqua Inspiriat Port for Mac OS X 10.6 SnowLeopard
(Aqua & Graphite)

UPDATE for iTunes 9.2 / ADD Graphite Style Now

Release Permission granted by Stefanka
Thx so much for SK & his amazing work!

Original Work created by ~StefanKa
Port by ~IceBlue-Fish (system) , =katsu3477 (iTunes)

thx so much for katsu's work on iTunes :)

:iconstefanka: :iconiceblue-fish: :iconkatsu3477:


Update 2010.6.18:
1. GRAPHITE STYLE is added now.
2. iTunes Theme was updated for iTunes 9.2 (both Aqua and Graphite style)

1. The bug of scrollbar & progressbar has been fixed.
2. Fixed The bug of plastic segment button height. Please re-download the file.

1. Mac OS X 10.6 or up is required for the system theme.
2. Make sure that you have installed the app Theme Park 4.1. If you don't,
---get it from here: [link]
3. iTunes 9.2 is required for the iTunes Theme.

1. System Theme:
1) If you have not installed Theme Park 4.1, do it.
2) Drag the folder "System UI" to desktop or somewhere else
---you prefer.
3) Choose the style you prefer and double click it, and then click
---"Apply this theme" button in the TP window.
4) Log out and enjoy.

2. iTunes Theme:
1) If your iTunes is iTunes 8 or older version, please update it to
---iTunes 9.2.
2) Go to your application folder, and right click iTunes and choose
---"show the package content". Replace the iTunes.rsrc file with
---those in this Dmg's folder "iTunes" (Aqua or Graphite style).
---Path: for iTunes.rsrc: /Contents/Resources
3) Restart Your iTunes and enjoy

Hope you enjoy this theme :)

© 2010 - 2021 IceBlue-Fish
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old thread I know...
does anyone have any documentation on theme park?  where are the actual osx files that are being modified for theme-ing?  what are each of the variables that are associated with which elemements?  etc...?
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any update for LION 10.7 ?
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Question: Is the firefox dialog button "save" and "cancel" for downloads, supposed to be the system default? It looks unchanged.
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This is awesome thanks
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Beautiful theme
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Great theme!

I am having some trouble with my menu bar, however. It still appears the same as it did initially except that the highlight color matches the theme. In other words, the icon hasn't changed and it doesn't have those pretty rounded corners.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?
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Yes, is there plans for an iTunes 10 update?
The only usable theme out there !
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send me a email
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Use Themepark to uninstall. Find the 'theme' list on the menubar and choose 'revert to aqua'.
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ow do i unistall it please help !!!!!
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how can i unistall it??
you should make a theme like adobe after effects if you know what i mean. like a grey and that red orange yellow. and boxy
This is AMAZING,
Especially on my new H*ckintosh :)

well done!
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odd bug with menu bar: [link]

Also, did you change the icon highlights on the menubar to a darker blue on this update? If not, then it was installation of it on a transparent menubar, then changing it to opaque, that made the highlights a blue much more akin to the scrollbars.
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Great! Thanks!
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Amazing! Thank you!
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还是那么的勤劳咩 _,-
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wow. that was fast. thanks man.
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Excellent, again.
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