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Crumpling leaves beneath my feet
Sitting comfortably on my bus seat
I am on a mission, but not the ordinary kind
There is something else on my mind
Pulling the trigger, my last breath escapes
Raking innocent lives in the wake
..Crumpling leaves beneath my feet..
:iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 4 16
Invisible spark
Like a sun resting on a stormy cloud,
My thoughts are screaming, but maybe too loud.
Like these eyes of lasers burning me whole,
When I am by myself, they take a toll.
Am I too timid? I was once alone.
Watching cliques that mold me into thick stone.
Like a volcano wants to pour lava,
When I speak, words twirl like rotten guava.
Why cannot I be me? Why must I bleed?
Like a sun resting on a stormy cloud,
My thoughts are screaming, but maybe too loud.
:iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 7 22
Img 20150807 193451228 by IceAngel1234 Img 20150807 193451228 :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 11 2 Summer stroll by IceAngel1234 Summer stroll :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 9 6
Phase of Youth
I turn around and we make eye contact
I turn back and it makes me look stupid
Are you looking at me or someone else or was it accidental or coincidental?
Of course its someone else, I'm invisible and useless.
Trying not to think of the possibilities of us together having a blast,
Yet when you walk to go somewhere I stare you down innocently
Can you feel my eyes darting at you?
My eyes met his before,
You're cool with everyone, fitting it like a puzzle
But you pass me and I'm in agony
You're in love already, happy where you are?
If you process me, won't you think I'm ugly and weird?
You talk to my friends, I'm there yet I look down
Annoying is what your last name is, class is scary with you
But you know what? I'm excited too.
Even when you're talking with others I beam with joy
But one day, it'll all come to an end
:iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 5 3
The Vision
The last thing I remembered was him staggering back with a knife in his back and his piercing yelp which submerged my senses. I tried saying something, anything, but I couldn't mutter even a squeak. Next thing I knew, I saw blackness.  I found myself being pulled into a car. I didn't even try to break free.  My hands were tied up with ropes like in the movies. Why do you want me? What good am I to you?
:iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 2 0
Henna by IceAngel1234 Henna :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 4 0 Ducky by IceAngel1234 Ducky :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 10 3 Where Am I? by IceAngel1234 Where Am I? :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 3 0 Remaining Balanced by IceAngel1234 Remaining Balanced :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 4 0 Running Away by IceAngel1234 Running Away :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 7 2 Escape by IceAngel1234 Escape :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 5 4 Bright light by IceAngel1234 Bright light :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 15 0 Artificially Bleeding by IceAngel1234 Artificially Bleeding :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 12 2 Take off by IceAngel1234 Take off :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 19 2 Seagull model by IceAngel1234 Seagull model :iconiceangel1234:IceAngel1234 11 6
The Universe is Art, and so are you ^-^

Everybody Wants Happiness Stamp by mylastel Stamp: Never too Late by Southrobin Cherish, Dream, Live Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Jump In Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Live like its Heaven on Earth by Southrobin Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin Light in Dark Places by delusional-dreams Scars remind us where we've been... Stamp by xxsunslashxx NATURE HEALS stamp by HopeSwings777


Two worlds by Dahlia217 Two worlds :icondahlia217:Dahlia217 9 0 Green Life by Dahlia217 Green Life :icondahlia217:Dahlia217 16 7 Memory by Dahlia217 Memory :icondahlia217:Dahlia217 14 6
Happy Lunar New Year and any advice on how to...
...Not seem like a total weirdo around a crush? XDD
(I know I'm late with the Lunar New Year thing too, I've been missing a good chunk of journals surrounding other holidays too o.o)
Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm getting more anxious haha. My friends are like "Ask them out, you can do it~"
And I'm over here like, "But I'm just a potato ahaha." I don't know if I want to anymore xD. I'll just sit from afar and admire their beauty hahaha. I need more confidence in myself. :/
Ah, but then I think to myself "What if they have a crush on someone?", then another part of me's like, "You won't know unless you ask" or ya know my crush randomly tells me haha.
Have I mentioned this is a co-worker? Ugh, I don't wanna feel awkward if I got rejected or something haha.
So yeah, I'd love to hear your guys' and gals' honest advice TvT.
:iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 1 14
That moment when...
...You quit your job (And give a two week's notice) xD.
(Haha it's the end of this meme now~:iconpapmingplz:)
I quit my job...uh you could say recently...just 'cause o' stress and wanting to just try my hand at another job. I felt like if I stayed there any longer, I would've been working there for the rest of my life and I didn't want that.
So, yeah, I'm currently unemployed now. Pro tip btw for those of you wanting
to get jobs--make sure you don't show up late xD. And take care of your health!
It sucks getting sick and then having to work. Be confident, and if something bothers you/there's something you don't know--it's alright to ask for help/tell someone what's up.
So, I'm gonna add this work experience to my resume. Ain't it amazing that I've worked there for at least 6 months? Time sure flies. :U
I told my co-workers that I'd still stop by and say hi...And I felt/feel so sad and guilty (Stupid thoughts) somehow for quitting but somehow I just know it's the best decision I could'v
:iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 1 0
Blossom is..dancing O_O by crysanthemum963 Blossom is..dancing O_O :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 6 4 Crazy Color -Colored by crysanthemum963 by crysanthemum963 Crazy Color -Colored by crysanthemum963 :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 4 8 Haha...I'll just dye the world in my colors... by crysanthemum963 Haha...I'll just dye the world in my colors... :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 15 0 AB Style Tao by crysanthemum963 AB Style Tao :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 10 8 Clea and Port--colorful duo by crysanthemum963 Clea and Port--colorful duo :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 11 4 .:.:. Chaylbeous waters .:.:. by crysanthemum963 .:.:. Chaylbeous waters .:.:. :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 8 0 .: Cold Snowman .: by crysanthemum963 .: Cold Snowman .: :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 21 14 An Art Trade :) by crysanthemum963 An Art Trade :) :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 19 20
Crunch and crinkle
This walk is depressing me.
I can see leaves of many colors...
reds and oranges, browns and yellow...falling down
from the trees.
If they weren't dying, I'd probably feel happier.
But they've lost the fight, plunged into the depths,
away from their home--
People of all races, and all sizes just step on them,
like they're nothing.
Even with all the other sounds around me, what my
ears keep focusing on are the crunch-crinkle sounds
of those poor leaves getting stomped on.
Trampled on. Jumped on. Peed on.
I tilt my hood farther down, concealing the top of my face;
obscuring it in the darkness.
© crysanthemum963
:iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 4 0
I'm running
I'm running...but why?
I feel happy and free,
until I see you, that is.
Then I panic, and run even
faster than before.
I hear your voice speaking,
to your friends about me.
"I want to catch up,
but she's running too fast..."
I screech to a halt,
as I hear you say that.
No matter if you're a yard away,
it feels like I can always hear
your voice right by me.
Why am I even running?
...And when did I begin to care?
I run all the way back,
but by then you're not there.
:iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 4 3
Grey skies and a rainy day by crysanthemum963 Grey skies and a rainy day :iconcrysanthemum963:crysanthemum963 4 0


Nature Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 5:21 PM

Hello! First of all I would like to thank those of you who submitted for this feature!Yoona (SNSD)  I must say I was very impressed!  With that said, I would now like to proudly showcase these stunning pieces!
:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: 
JDMn6Flower52620143 by JohnHapMurphy       

Red leaves by Photographergirl14Trees 2 by Photographergirl14Autumn is here!! by Photographergirl14Orange Spree by Breath-of-NefertariLovely by SirCassie
Halcyon Eve by Aquilapsehaven by neuroplasticcreativesafe to hope by neuroplasticcreativeLost by Sonicvortex99September 28th #2 by mb67Virginia Sky's by SirCassieBeauty Above by SirCassiesky leech by CapnDeek373Norway sunset by KaritaArtShasta Lake by cheslahRainbow by mb67In A Row by BluEyezDigitaloff you go by CapnDeek373Peering Over the Edge by BluEyezDigitalivy league by CapnDeek373Nevada Falls by BluEyezDigitalJDMsnake61320082racer by JohnHapMurphyJDMiflower92820131 by JohnHapMurphy
Natures Canvas by DPasschier
Mudcake 2 by DPasschierDusk by DPasschier
Raindrops On Roses by cheslahDeimos by Aquilapsepink Darkness by syintheticwet Pink by syintheticmorning Beauty by syinthetic







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Hi! Take a walk through my gallery and hopefully you will take something delightful back home ^-^ Please comment on my deviations as comments are meant far more than any other gifts on D.A! Enjoy and have fantastic day wherever you are in the world :heart:

./█\ ♥/█\

✿Don't waste your time on revenge, those who hurt you will eventually face their own karma.
✿Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.
♫Take care of your body, its the only place you can live in.
♫You cant start the next chapter if you keep on re- reading the last one.
♫When you read a great book, you don't escape from life; you plunge deeper into it.
☀Just because her eyes doesn't tear doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry.
☀You think you want to die, but in reality, you just need to be saved.
❉ Sometimes someone says something so small, and it fits right into the empty place in your heart.
❉ Every minute you are angry.. you lose 60 seconds of what could've been something worthwhile.

¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥
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