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aaaah, I could NOT come up with a decent title. My brain is dead right now, haha.

WHEW, finally finished this. xD
Commissioned by ~Maigery !
I am SO SORRY this took so long! I really hope you like it. :]

My scanner decided to be difficult, once again... the colors are kinda off and also too contrasty. I tried to change the settings but it didn't help much. URGHHH. Well, it looks much better IRL.


fullview pleeease!

media: Watercolor, colored pencil, india ink pen, some acrylic; on watercolor paper.

espeon © pokemon
picture © meee
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© 2009 - 2021 IceandSnow
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Are you willing to sell?
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Epic. Epic. Epic. EPIC. *Explodes*
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Stunning! o.o I love how you did the background and the colors and..and..everything o3o.
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A Tim Burton looking Espeon. Nice!!
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What a magnificent piece of art, a masterpiece.
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my lord this cute
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Very beautiful. :)
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my all time favourite pokemon
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Very detailed and beautiful~ Nice Work! :heart:
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Oh wow. Awesome
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I love espeon it is one of my favourite pokemon, maybe you could do an umbreon in this style.
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Looks like a drawing that could easily fit some sort of mythological creature. Maybe on a stone tablet in Egypt, since the Egyptians believed in cats a lot.
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Wow, I love it. It shows how much Espeon is based off of a cat.
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Wow, this is so beautiful! What tools did you use for the background? It looks amazing!
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You have an amasing unique style.. Beautiful :D
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This is beautiful!
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My brain is dead too. X3 don't worry. this looks great. and the title's fine too.
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