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Puffed up Puffy (rq/gift) by IceandFireGuy Puffed up Puffy (rq/gift) :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 2 2 Saori by DanXGoodWolf by IceandFireGuy Saori by DanXGoodWolf :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 0 0 (RQ) Amy Rose over-inflated by IceandFireGuy (RQ) Amy Rose over-inflated :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 4 1 DB: Frost-bite much? by IceandFireGuy DB: Frost-bite much? :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 1 0 Julio Roqueta (1980-2005) by IceandFireGuy Julio Roqueta (1980-2005) :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 3 1 Wrench-hog by IceandFireGuy Wrench-hog :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 4 2
King of Bots Competitiors
Hello everyone and welcome to my impression on the King of Bots competitors. First off, let me say that for the first show in China, it had some REALLY good machines. Second, congrats to Spectre from the UK taking the crown. They built a strong machine that did what it was supposed to do. I watched every episode and I loved most of the machines that performed well. Megabyte, Great White, Spectre, and Two BBQ were my personal favorites though. So, without further ado, here's my impression on the competitors.
Blade Gyro: It was a remodeled Tombstone, but it was much worse. It got lucky in its first fight and lost on a poor driving error in the next. Looked promising, but it kind of sucked.
Blue: One of the better hammer bots from my state of NY! I loved the unique drive system they used with rollers to position themselves better. It kind of reminded me of Beta with its durable front plate. It performed well in its first two fights, but went out in the third round. Good machine and I look
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 3 65
Chrystal (Sonic oc) by IceandFireGuy Chrystal (Sonic oc) :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 6 7 Monsters of War by IceandFireGuy Monsters of War :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 5 0
My impression on international machines
With the main series ending, we have two international specials coming up for New Year's Eve. Eight UK machines will face off against eight machines from around the world.
Our UK representatives are Apollo, Big Nipper, Concussion, Gabriel 2, Eruption, Sabretooth, Terrorhurtz, and Thor.
We also have robots from Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, America, Ireland, Canada, and Portugal.
Let's take a look at what they'll look like, shall we?
Apollo: Relatively the same, but it has the UK flag painted onto its side panels.
Big Nipper: Unchanged.
Concussion: It now has a UK flag as an armor panel on the back.
Gabriel 2: Unchanged.
Eruption: It's suppose to have the UK flag on the right side, but it looks like a combination of the UK and Canadian flags.
Sabretooth: The back half of the body has been painted to be the UK flag.
Terrorhurtz: The right half of its wedge is painted as the UK flag and there's a sticker of it on the polycarb.
Thor: Now has two entanglement cables on the front and a s
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 1 0
Results for Episode 6
Well, we have a new champion, and we still can't get anymore original. The winner is Eruption, so now we have a flipper win for the fourth time. Of course, I'm giving this episode a seven, due to the fact about certain aspects.
Rumble: This was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Expulsion drove itself into the pit right away, the drums were ripping things apart, Dead Metal makes a surprise entrance. Absolute mayhem! It was of course Eruption who took it due to their "sit & wait" tactics.
Mayhem 1: A grudge since Series 8 between Carbide, Nuts 2, and Behemoth. Behemoth put on their new scoop, but Carbide was just grinding it like it was nothing. It was going well... until a minibot hit the bit and Behemoth went straight down and out. Somehow, Nuts landed the god shot and killed Carbide's weapon chain, nearly immobilizes it, and wins the judges decision. Why were they even allowed to compete in the first place?
Mayhem 2: The best of the best engineered. Eruption tried to remain o
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 1 0
My Impression on Wildcard Fighters
Well, this should be enjoyable. Ten robots fighting it out, no time limit, no judges, an all out war with opponents everywhere! Let's meet our competitors.
Apollo: Series 8 champs who proved they could regain their crown. They dispatched Apocalypse, The Swarm, and Sabretooth to get to the heat final, but when they fought Behemoth, they skittered right into the pit. Apollo has the armor to defend against spinners, it has the weaponry, but it's very limited and they're fighting the best of the best.
Big Nipper: A dark horse that people thought wouldn't last this long.They fell early in their group battle, but beat Crackers into Killalot, and smashed Smash with the biggest flip in history. They struggled against Eruption, but were back on form by defeating Aftershock. They have the speed, the armament,but they'll be running with their crushing jaws, which may be a fatal mistake.
Concussion: Went from fans, to finalists, to fan favorites, to wildcard contenders. They lost a wheel at the ha
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 2 0
Death Battle: Double Bots = Double Trouble by IceandFireGuy Death Battle: Double Bots = Double Trouble :iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 3 4
Results for Episode 5
Wasn't as bad as expected, but it was frustrating with Explusion's weapon, Coyote not having any real weaponry... again, Thor driving into Matilda, PtE's reliability, and Hobgoblin lacking drive. Either four or five from me, this episode was only saved by Magnetar, otherwise I would've switched it off.
Mayhem 1: Coyote took out the immediate threat of Expulsion and that was it from Expulsion because it couldn't get off its weapon. Thor was dominating over Coyote because Coyote's weapons suck so bad, they're classified as Series 1 or 2 standards. Detention also got stuck on the fire and got picked apart by Dead Metal. Coyote couldn't do anything except drive around, but Thor was guaranteed the win once its jaw broke, not like it made a difference though.
Mayhem 2: Hobgoblin couldn't drive correctly and Magnetar ripped PtE severely. PtE couldn't self right, Hobgoblin couldn't drive outside of its circumference, so Magnetar went through with the 250 mph spinning drisc.
Redemption KO 1: Co
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 2 0
Mayhem predictions for Episode 5
This episode might have a good spinner through, but I wouldn't be surprised if another machine that isn't a spinner wins.
So, we've got Coyote, Expulsion, and Thor in one Mayhem while Hobgoblin, Magnetar, and Push to Exit are in the other.
Mayhem 1: A tool spinner, an ax, and a crusher/chainsaw in tandem... prepare for a slaughter. This fight will come down to destructive weaponry and Coyote doesn't have the weaponry or armor for this. Coyote is more for control and against Thor's speed and Expulsion's weaponry, expect Coyote to go into the redemption round. As for Expulsion and Thor, Thor has the more experience, the better armor, and the superior speed. What he lacks though is control over a 30 mph machine. It zooms across the arena and it could hit a house bot or an arena hazard and cause it some problems. Expect either Expulsion or Thor winning this.
Mayhem 2: A 250 mph spinning drisc, a 90 mph beater-bot, and a front-hinged flipper... I sense sparks will fly. In terms of weaponry,
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 1 0
My impression on Episode 5 competitors
This Sunday, we'll have two grand finalists, a fourth place heat loser, and three that fell in the group battles. This episode looks promising with six vets once again. Twice in one season, how lucky can ya get? We've got a heavyweight egg beater, a jet drum, a front-hinged flipper, a god's hammer, a steampunk styled desert animal, and some kind of helmet or black gumdrop.
Coyote: Why. Does. This. Thing. Come. Back?! Seriously, they put two weapons that don't do any real significant damage. A 1.1 ton crusher and a 3000 rpm chainsaw. Hate to break it to ya, but there aren't anymore wooden robots. What's worse is they put copper piping on its side, repainted the head, and now have a mini thwackbot called Roadrunner. They won't get far with this.
Expulsion: Can withstand machine gun fire... I'm not sure that's true. Going from a zeppelin body to a black gumdrop body with an angled spinner on the front. They even brought a minibot called Detention. Fun fact, Expulsion is the lightest weigh
:iconiceandfireguy:IceandFireGuy 1 0

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    Not on the top of my head, no.

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    I don't draw a whole lot, but if I do, I could go either way.

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    Materials & Manufacturing.

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    After my break-up, I'm not interested in discussing it...

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    Dodge Challenger Hellcat Demon.

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    I have a few, but no real choices at the moment. Ask me later if you want.

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    Inflation. Mainly body, but I do accept suit as well.

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    DA and FA

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    I witnessed one of the most gruesome car crashes on my way home. What happened was a lady drove under the tailgate of a truck, and the car and her were so mangled, they had it covered by a tarp.

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