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Cow vore by iceageking
Mature content
Cow vore :iconiceageking:iceageking 9 6
Huntress/mercenary Crimson Flower
stuff she likes
sweet candy.
the summer period.
both her sisters.
all kind of flowers.
and to be call't miss Crimson flower.
to hunt wild life for part of her training to become a huntress.
stuff she hates
to be called tiny.
when you threaten her sisters or friends.
ecchi things.
back story
she lived with her father on a fire planet.
she was trained to be a mercenary/huntress.
her training was almost complete when she found the rare Crimson flower, she knew if she ate the flower she would get the powers to complete her training.
when she turn't 11 years old she knew it was time to complete the training to kill her father and becoming a mercenary.
when she was 12 years old she found her twin sister back.
the two of them decided to stay with each other for a long time.
and that's when she decided to call herself Crimson flower.
she can talk to plants.
when she befriends with a plant she can store them in
:iconiceageking:iceageking 1 0
Huntress/mercenary Frozen Night
stuff she likes
sour candy.
the winter period.
her sisters and friends.
all kind of animals, and to hunt animals for her training for becoming a huntress.
teasing people doing ecchi things.
stuff she hates
when you threaten her sisters and friends.
when you hurt a animal right in front of her.
back story
she lived with her mother on a ice planet.
like her twin sister she also trained to become a mercenary/huntress.
she found the rare Frozen flower at night glowing in the dark, she ate the flower to get the powers but unlike her twin sister she killed her mother that night to become a mercenary.
she was left alone for 2 years when her twin sister found her on that moment she named her self Frozen night.
side powers
can talk to animals.
when she befriends animals she can store them in her mind, when she needs them she can summon them for battle or to track the prey and to injure it.
she can go ice
:iconiceageking:iceageking 1 0
Experiment 01 (Fire Scratch)
His only little brother and the people he sees as true friends.
that you threaten his little brother in front of him.
Back story
It is unknown where he came from because when he got captured by a group of scientist they experimented on his body to have extra powers when they perform't surgery he lost his memory from the past.
when the scientist knew about is memory lost they tole't him he is a weapon of mass destruction.
the scientist then took some of his blood for future experiments, later on when he saw what he did by giving his blood to the scientist he was furious at the scientists and he took responsibility for his actions. 
side powers
his original power is creating spikes from the ground and shooting spikes out of is back, he can be defensive ore offensive.
the new powers he got are fire and ice so he can create ice spikes from the ground and breath fire to burn his enemies or it can
:iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0
Experiment 00 (Fire Spike)
His big brother scratch and the people he sees as a friend.
his birthday
back story
he was 7 years old when he came tho the place he would call hell what happened is.
his parents thought he was going to die from a disease so they brought him to the hospital to cure him.
after a week of waiting the parents where call't, by the scientists that their son has past away.
But what really happened is they injected him with the serum made of experiment fire scratch, to look if he will pas away or will turn in a mutant like fire scratch, After a day the boy mutated in the monster that the scientist hope't for.
they brought him to the hide out on a other planet, they put him in the same room as fire scratch. when he saw fire scratch he wasn't afraid he transformed back tho his human body. Fire scratch stood up and came closer and closer to the boy, and when he stood right in front of him he gave him a hug and said, i'm sorry for wha
:iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0
Experiment snake eye (Skyla moon)
tings she like
to devour people and all kind animals.
to torture her captured prey giving them a slow dead.
to scare people by changing into a lamia straight in front of them and showing their demise.
to stay close to the animal that she sees as her brother.
her rainbow colored hair.
things she hate
one specific scientist, the rest of the scientist she sees them as food.
when she sees people hurt animals (not prey animals).
when they want something from her brother.
back story
she had a normal life before she came to this place, she lived with her parents on a farm they weren't the richest family so they had trouble with paying bills until her parents got a visit from the hospital, that they wanted their child as a experiment.
and that they would pay heavily for the child they agreed without a second thought they sold their child knowing what the consequences where for the child, they said where she was standing, we don't c
:iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0
The Abomination ?
Chapter 3 Old enemies part 2
the first thing spike said was, oh oh. the chief of the Stalker said then you can say that twice. the other responded with your gone pay for what you did the last time you where here. Spike responded with confident If you say so. At the same moment Scorp and Shadow said Let me kill him!!! The Chief of the Serkrilla's screams be silent both of you!! The other chief responded Chief with We choose his punishment not you two. the moment the Chief of the Serkrilla looked at spike he asked, One question why are you back on this planet? Spike responded to be hunted, like the last time i was here.
both of the chief's looked at each other and nodded then the chief from the serkrilla said you know what kid, spike responded quicker with wel what then? both of the chiefs looked then again at each other and nodded and he then said your free to go. Scorp and Shadow react
:iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0
The Abomination ?
chapter 2 old enemies
Crimson Flower ask't So what, have you been here before. Spike answered with, I have but i made some enemies down there. Frozen Night asked How many times have you been there, and please don't tell me you made enemies with the 3 most dangerous tribes there is on this planet. Spike replied with, one time and okay i wont say anything than. Frozen night replied with a annoyed voice your a big idiot you know that. Yeah yeah i know that, Crimson flower interrupts their conversation asking but wait, who are those 3 tribes than? Spike said then the three tribes are followed, the first tribe are the Serkrilla's they are 4 meters high and 2 meters wide gorilla's you shouldn't mess around, the second tribe are the Stalker's they are around 1.50 meter high and 2 meters long with the tail counted by, stalkers are famous for there stealth, the third tribe are the SuperCrocs they are 1 m
:iconiceageking:iceageking 1 0
The Abomination?
Chapter 1 freedom
On a planet far far away from earth there's a hospital famous for its medicines.
But what almost nobody knows is that the hospital had a dark side, it is filled with the most dangerous monsters from over the galaxy. And that they experiment on the monsters they catch and makes them available for hunters to hunt them down for a price.
And now we will begin with the story.
Deep inside the hospital the chief of the guards is making his patrol past all the empty cages he question him self if Spike is awake. He stops at the cage of Spike and listen if he's awake or still sleeping, a moment of silence then out of nowhere he hears a loud snoring coming out of the cage. And he knew then that he was still a sleep, so the guard screams wake up Spike you lazy ass!!!
After the guard stops screaming he hears Spike saying give me 5 more minutes, the guard says you don't have 5 minutes you have to wake up now we have visitors. Spike din't hear the chief and falls ba
:iconiceageking:iceageking 1 0
Sophia character info
tings she like
to invent stuff.
her little twin sisters and her friends.
the autumn period.
milk chocolate.
likes to read a little bit too much.
to be surprised.
things she hate
the fact that her younger sisters mercenary's are.
a messy room/workplace.
to be frightened by someone.
when you talk to her when she is busy inventing.
back story
her parents thought she would be happy if they sent her to earth to life a normal life, so when she was 5 years old she was sent to earth to live their on the landing zone waited her grandmother from her mothers side and was raised up to be a good student but some time's she is a little bit depressed because she is Thinking about her sisters training to be murderers.  
:iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0
The Colosseum by iceageking The Colosseum :iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0 tower of Pisa by iceageking tower of Pisa :iconiceageking:iceageking 0 0


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hey there this is my first journal and it is about my story the The Abomination? which i make't a remake version of soon when i know how to do it there will be a poll question about it.

so i hope you enjoy the story   


If you want ever to play Destiny with me, send a friend request.
ps4 iceageking1


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