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October 8, 2008
From the PixelArt Gallery, Junkfood by ~Ice-Pandora. Doesn't this piece of PixelArt just want to make you head for the closest fast food outlet? Mmm Mmm, smell those fries! Colour count 69
Featured by ShoneGold
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I guess... I was hungry?
From up to down - left to right: Peperoni pizza, fries, hamburger and ham & cheese pizza :heart:

I don't like meat because I think it's sad :sad: but I like chicken and seafood o:

No editing or coloring ^^

MS Paint + Mouse
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© 2008 - 2021 Ice-Pandora
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talkaboutlmao101's avatar
ahh!! can i have your email then. i really want to use these and the burger ones for an rp account c:
Ice-Pandora's avatar
Hello, may I ask what RP site you are meaning?
talkaboutlmao101's avatar
its my rp account on dA

Ice-Pandora's avatar
You may use but a link+credit would be appreciate!
oyr2up's avatar
yummy! i love your gallery! :heart:
lona-green-butterfly's avatar
wuah... unhealthy junk food
Ice-Pandora's avatar
Yeah.... BUT! yummy :D
Ice-Pandora's avatar
*happy tear* my first art that has over 3000 views :heart:
Esperesa's avatar
Congrats on your DD <3 It looks great, by the way. Makes me hungry
Ice-Pandora's avatar
Thanks! I was really surprised, DA picked me for DD :boogie:
Esperesa's avatar
Well, it is veeery cute :3
AnimatorPerson's avatar
if you made it in ms paint then why is the background transparent?
Ice-Pandora's avatar
After Ms Paint i've saved it in Photoshopcs3 ;P
kjtgp1's avatar
I can't believe you did this in MS paint that's awesome!!! These really make me hungry!!! Good thing I'm having pizza tomorrow, lol!!!! :chew:
Ice-Pandora's avatar
Haha enjoy your pizza and thanks ;P
kjtgp1's avatar
lol, thanks I will!!! :chew: Your welcome!!!! :) :heart: :love:
tiger-kat's avatar
My mouth is now watering. *runs off to the nearest fastfood*
Woof91's avatar
Okay. Now I'm hungry. :XD:
blueninja12's avatar
Nice pixelart!

This makes me hungry...
5-Shots-Of-Life's avatar
mmmm. I'm hungry now. lol
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