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October 13, 2013
I happy my meal by ~Ice-Pandora
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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I happy my meal


I'm so craving for Mcdonalds right now =w=
I'm very happy with the results! -gives myself a shoulderpat-
Please click the image to see more happy boxes & food Arigato!!

About: MS Paint| PS cs3|| Mac| 2 days - 3 hours?|
More pixelfood: My portfolio, The unopen box version
A note: Do not take these without asking for permission! My pixelart are only shown at Gaiaonline, Deviantart and at my official portfolio.
Thanks for comments, favorites & views!
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Delicious!! Your art is amazing! 
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Hi!  i'm wondering if i can use these for use in my home?
I'm working on a Menu board *to stop the "I DONT KNOW WHAT TO EAT!*  and your graphics would be perfect on the recipe cards i'm making.
You know so there's a cute image to go with each corrisponding recipe or meal idea?

Most mom's have litterally Plain things but that's no fun to me!  I need CUTE in my life :x  

I'm also on gaia, not that i have time much to be on, but i'm The Only Lady Amalthea :D
LollipopCheckStars's avatar
Kawaii! I love this!!! How do you do these adorable pixel arts??
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Really cute! Do you know any apple store apps which you can make these kinda things with? And how did u do it? 👩🏻
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well what will be perfect for making pixel art is ms paint. or paint.
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This is adorable~ =u=
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So incredible pixel art youre to good :)
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Would I be able to use one of these as decoration on my profile? >o<
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saw this on popular art, where it doesn't show the user, and I just KNEW it was yours. :) I used to admire your pixeling on Gaia ^^
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I'd go for the one with the cheeseburger, kabob, juice, & pudding.
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I totally love the happy meal^^
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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner :]
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation! :pumpkin:
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This is very cute!
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I know these are pixelated but suddenly I'm craving for McDonald's....and these meals do look appetizing. ^^;
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:iconovariesplz: Jesus if only our Mc Boxes look like these!
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