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February 10, 2011
~Ice-Pandora is definitely one of best pixel food makers here in deviantART. Amazing details and beautiful colors make this work a delicious piece of pixel art. Chocolate box by ~Ice-Pandora
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by rioIu
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Chocolate box

The best Valentine gift, no?
Joking, the best Valentine gift is of coursehim or her.
How to make chocolate bonbon and truffles coming soon!
Tutorial: Click!
DAwatch me just in case to avoid missing it :la:
( Please click to see more chocolateboxes! Thanks! )

THANK YOU FOR THE DD :heart::heart::heart:

Abouts: MS Paint| Mouse| Photoshop| 3-4 hours|
A note: Do not take these without asking for permission! My pixelart are only shown at Gaiaonline, Deviantart and at my official portfolio.
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© 2010 - 2021 Ice-Pandora
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Can I use this?

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]  Pwease?
RilaK-RainbowDrops's avatar
Sorry for the bombardment of comments but could I also
use one of these on GaiaOnline please? ^^;
again, I'll definitely give you credit!
mmm. chocolatey.:p
Mecha-Princess's avatar
This makes me feel so incredibly happy...
blockbatt's avatar
StrwbIchigo's avatar
It's cute though *A*♥
powder-queen's avatar
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Great work! Congratulations! :clap:
1Kamichama's avatar
This is really cute! I wish they were real so I could buy some!
Yiggdrasile's avatar
Tutorial on how to make box plz?
Boywithmeese's avatar
If only licking the screen would allow me to taste those...o__o
blasianonna's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
K47454k1's avatar
xSerenityLove's avatar
Wow its so detailed and adorable. I personally like the pink one more cause its my favorite color ^^ haha. But keep up the good work, its really really good you took the time to make this <3
Dojinshi-Mic's avatar
Super awesome IPA!!
Black-Wilting-Flower's avatar
Soujaurl's avatar
AAAANND now I'm hungry for sweets... you good pixelators need to stop making such good-looking candy pictures.
YippieYaYeeh's avatar
:drool: Me want... But I feels lonely ;_;
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