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About me

Hello, I'm Ice-Or-Fire
You can call me Nzu, Rei, Reilen, Icey, Ice, IoF, etc. What ever fits your fantasy.
I mostly draw animals and fantasy types of work, and would happily try out any ideas if anyone had them. Sort of like a request in a way, but more of an unfinished test subject of work.
I'm open to trying new things if you would like to see something new!
I have a bad problem with keeping up with my replies and things, but I'll do my best to get them done! If you have something important, or want a quick reply then send me a note! It's fine to poke me to get me to reply to things too.
I have a bunch of designs for sale at YEKKIW.
Please check if my trades&things are open before you ask please and thankyou!
Some helpful links are spread over my page, if you can't find anything you would like to know-don't be scared to ask!
Please read my FAQ before asking though! Saves us both some time.
I do llamas for llamas[I'm very slow at giving them back at times, but I will do it!] and do not give points away freely to people who ask, sorry!
There's a good chance that I would commission you, I do not mind if you ask if I can or not. It's also fine if you want to just share your work with me! I don't consider it spam or a bother.
However, chain mail will be marked at spam.

My birthday badge

I had been on deviantART for a couple more years before this, but I only started doing a summary of my art in 2009. It's always quite amazing looking back, more of personal reasons and memories it bring back than seeing how far I've come. And now I'm working on to the next part of my life, I am finally on the right meds and soon[I hope] I'll be over coming some silly fears that had been holding me back. Many changes are coming, and I hope I am well enough to handle it. I guess it might be important to note I'm barely on my personal tumblr, but I had made a new account which I plan to post artwork onto. Already there is some, but not much. S
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Well I thought I might just go along and make a journal entry about this but I'm going to be taking a break from dA for a while- even maybe stopping my birthday wishes for a little while :noes: so if you need to contact me I'll most likely see it on tumblr if you send a message or something just letting you guys know
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I'm so sorry for not really doing anything lately. My inbox is piling up quite a bit and I have no motivation to do any of it or even draw lately. (✖╭╮✖) andIreallyneedtocleaningoutmywatchlistbeforeDAdoesitforme Once again, sorry for not really being on and I'll hopefully try to fix that in the near future.
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Happy birthday Hot 'n' Cold!
(( Go Pisces, its you b/day! :iconamethystgemplz::iconwaterplz::iconpintplz: ))