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Clyde Moore
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Clyde Moore is my name, I live in a forester family and I visit my biological father on occasions, or he visits me. Sometimes my biological father drives me to my limits, but I love him.

I am a proud conservative, Roman Catholic Republican who strives to live as civil as possible, but also with an open mind and heart.

I strongly believe the line, "God bless America," and I believe that this country was built on our rights and freedoms. I strongly believe in those very values, but I don't believe taking advantage of these things is the right choice, nor do I support ignorant and ill mannered behavior, though we ALL make mistakes, right? Right.

At the same time, I believe the power of forgiveness and to accept people for who they are despite personal opinions, beliefs, political party, and so on. To judge someone solely on opinions and mistakes, especially if this is a one and done thing, is absurd, because then that person is preventing themselves from meeting someone who probably would be much, much more than they apper, or their first impression.

But hey, that's my opinion.

I despise being a perfectionist, I strongly believe nobody is perfect, and that people shouldn't look for imperfections in other people or themselves. When we do this, we see a lot of negative in everything.

We should strive to live according to God's will and plan for us, and if we live our lives thinking we are perfect and try putting ourselves above everyone and everything, we are definitely going to be dissatisfied in the long run.

In the long run, accept flaws and life.

Personality wise I am laid back and nervous.

My hobbies include:

Going to church, reading the Bible, my family and friends, Disney, praying, writing, reading, listing to music, classic movies/movies, watching television (Especially the Lion Guard and Disney animated movies), and meeting new people.

What I don't like, trouble, bullies, and negativity.

A Little Back Story About Me:

I remember a time when I use to be rude and would take my frustrations out on others, including random people on the Internet. I hated having rules pushed down my throat online, and when someone would disagree with me online I took that as a challenge. But who I am online doesn't defy my whole being, neither do any of my flaws and negatives.

In defense of my negative behavior, I think my opinions did make sense in certain situations.

For an example, I recall being on a bus recently. While on a bus the rules are usually to not eat or drink, or you could go to jail or pay a fine. But guess what? I seen a few people eating and drinking on a few bus rides during many occasions.

I admit, I've eaten on a bus, too, though, I wasn't aware of any statements because I tend to be blind to the obvious, and me along with other people weren't fined or are going to jail.

So, there's a method to my rule abiding ways, but that doesn't justify my past rudeness.

I am over being a half-wit fool now, though I still make mistakes, am gullible, and believe lies. Please tell me if you are flawless, then I'll rethink my logic. Until then, cast the first stone, and forgive and forget. It may not be easy, but it will take a burden off.

Recently, I've been working on fixing myself and bad attitude by controlling my short temper and frustration in a more positive way.

One way of letting go of pain, and anything really, is by writing and watching Disney movies. I believe writing is a perfect way to express oneself, but keep in mind, some writing is meant to be personal, unless you like sharing, and getting comments from a wide range of people.

Sadly enough, some of these people aren't always going to be nice.

I keep a journal and write. I also get great advice from my pastor, who I love. He's truly a shoulder to lean on, and a God blessing.

I try to remain respectful and loving, though, I have a tendency to be sarcastic, standoffish, and arrogant at moments.

I wasn't raised to be polite and perfect despite that I try my hardest to be polite. With that said, I hope people can accept that I try my hardest at being polite and patient with others.
Usually, I love attending Sunday Mass, because I find myself at peace with God and Jesus, and I love my Catholic pastor who usually brightens my mood and says the most amazing, beautiful, and uplifting things. But yesterday was different, because me and my pastor were besides ourselves, because of the horrible Florida high school shooting that hurts us all inside. 

And during the afternoon, an old lady yelled loudly at another woman with children right in our church, and that is so embarrassing to me. 

Where is all this anger, frustration, and disrespect coming from? 

Well, I think I have a bit of an idea. 

My pastor said guns aren't the reason for death, but we should have a discussion about gun control, though, it shouldn't end there. It is a person's anger and hate that leads to death and destruction in the long run, because no matter what a hatful individual with a plan in his, or her, head will eventually find a way to create something to kill and hurt others with, like getting the gunpowder from fireworks to make a bomb, a guy did that, too.

So, liberals, you want to ban fireworks, too?

We don't have a right to bare fireworks, do we? It isn't in the Second Amendment to bare fireworks and pipe bombs, is it? Should we also ban gasoline, pebbles, and whatever else an angry individual can find to kill, too? 

Because, a common kitchen knife can also be used as a weapon, but only in the WRONG hands. 

Food for thought, guys. 

I apologize for being so opinionated and blunt, but I am trying to express my opinion so that maybe people will see things from a different perspective instead of blindly listening to Fake News, which is also real news, too.
Use your better judgement while reading and watching any news to decide whether or not they're telling the truth, or the truth as they see it, that's what I try to do. 

I also see way too many people (including my family members) no a days  going head to head like immature children spreading hatefulness and openly expressing horrible behavior both online and offline, and it makes me want to break down and cry and lose all respect and regard for these people, and people who express different opinions then my own.

But because I am mature for my age and time, and I am so very lucky and blessed to have been taught by such a brilliant and loving Catholic pastor who has his head screwed on right, that I turn the other cheek and smile at these people. 

Want to know what destroys hate?

Baning something to protect ourselves from danger won't, but God and love will.

Talking about things in an appropriate and intelligen way instead of losing it whenever someone doesn't agree with whatever agenda you believe, that goes for Republicans and Democrats, will definitely help you in the long run. Try keeping an open mind, and remember that even though there are rainstorms and rain clouds, especially when being a kid, there will always be a rainbow at the end, and the sun will always shine like that one animated commercial. 

Don't join the Dark Side, my friends. They have cookies, but the good side has a wider variety of food. 

As as my pastor said, God's beautiful rainbow will shine bright enough to make us, or those of us who truly care and love all, happy again. 

During Lent, I am going to try to be a much better person and work on fixing my bad habits, and at least trying to reason and understand these angry and bitter people who are hurting inside. 


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