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revised Miranda hull

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Disclaimer: Much of the original bits are clipart from captshade and kevinveldar, some modifications and final arrangement is mine.

Reference: www.mutara.net/Christies/model…

I've been using a few different Miranda hulls to design ships but there's been one or two little things that didn't quite line up, or didn't look right in the details.  Grabbed the reference pic above, from the original studio model, and took the clipart and redid some bits.  The only real changes are the panel lines in the rear deck, making the bottom of the ship even, redoing the saucer phasers into those tan squares, and completely redoing the deflectors.  Moved the shuttle bays inboard some as well, but left them alone otherwise.  I wasn't trying to make a super-accurate Miranda, since there's tons of official art with variations, but I wanted something that looked closer to the model above while still working with all the other art. 
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DAMN WISH I KNEW THIS EXISTED EARLYER!!!! hjflfk;nrkgn;vlgtmrknjnhuo89p45o5jnt;kbtljk;ntl;mttvk;nv;gtlmgtlnv

I was trying to do something like this for 2 months now lil by lil and fixing other parts i used before. I was stuck on redoing the bottom the Miranda and creating DSML Sensors for the Miranda Hull from the old Ships of the Starfleet book.

Now I dont know what i'll do with the work I did on the Miranda Saucer hull ^_^;;

Let me know if you want to see what I did so far from dropbox link :)