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Pioneer-class exploration carrier (removed)

By icchan85202
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Disclaimer: Much of the original bits are clipart from captshade and kevinveldar, some modifications and final arrangement is mine.

I started fooling with the look of an Archangel and wondered how it'd look upsized to fit an Excelsior Saucer.  Boy howdy did that get big in a hurry.  So to fill in all the extra space, I decided to make it a full-up exploration ship, and that meant adding a lot of extra sensors and doodads.  The aft engineering section, underneath the ship, is centerlined.  The antennae turret pylon forward of the ship is actually one of two side-by-side, and outboard to give the engineering hull's deflector and torpedoes a clear forward view.  Haven't put together a front view of it but one will come eventually; I have the saucer already done.  I left one nacelle off in this view, to show off where the engineering hull exactly sits and what it looks like.

The idea is a ship that's stacked with sensors, communications equipment, and shuttles - it's a do-anything pseudoflagship, able to sneak around playing intelligence gathering with its sensors, or operate as a truly all-alone deep space exploration cruiser, and just go around and handle anything that isn't major frontline combat.  I decided on the Pioneer class name as a nod to the first of the true deep-space probes, and I picture this ship winding up out there just searching for things and then carrying out a major expedition when it wants.
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