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Pioneer-class exploration carrier

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Disclaimer: Much of the original bits are clipart from captshade and kevinveldar, some modifications and final arrangement is mine.

The Pioneer once more, though this time with its third nacelle shown as well as six bulk-cargo pods attached above the shuttle bay.  I figured it would be good to be able to bring along not just your toolbox but the whole garage as well, and having the detachable cargo pods also makes things like establishing bases and setting up a research station or three possible.  It also is plenty of great space to store whatever you happen to find out in the Deep and want to bring it back.

That's never gone horribly wrong at all.

I added some of the shuttles in-scale, taken from Ex-Astris Scientia.  That's a big ship indeed, when you realize the saucer section alone is 180m across and the main hull is about 333x20m in length and height.  Sure, it's not quite as long as an Excelsior, but there's very little of that volume that isn't filled with something - estimating 170x330x20m gives a total volume of 1,122,000 cubic meters and that doesn't count a lot of things - especially not the spare cargo pods.  It's a roomy ship indeed...
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This is neat.  I like it a lot.