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MY team so far.... by IcarusNocturne MY team so far.... :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 5 14
My Descriptive homework last night
Detail Page Cos its currently one in the morning and I wanna sleep so please for the life of me….don’t judge me so harshly. K? K. I know its in second person, okay? A lot of this is gonna be edited. This is not the full thing I promise.
When beginning a brand new RPG, one is usually leaves your stomach filled to brim of excitement. But first one must first purchase a game. You enter you local  game store and see the large amount of games in the store. The sweet, ethereal scent of air tight games greets your nostrils as you enter the store. The lights reflection shines against the plastic of these brand new, smooth, and plastic video game cases into your eyes as you slowly browse the game store in search of the game you wish to purchase. Each of the rectangular cases is made of hard, black plastic and wrapped in smooth, translucent, sticky, thin layer of plastic. In-between these two pieces of plastic is a thin paper pamphlet with words written on them as well as the title
:iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 1 1
T-THATS SOO.....LEWD.... by IcarusNocturne T-THATS SOO.....LEWD.... :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 7 5 Sailin' away for adventure. by IcarusNocturne Sailin' away for adventure. :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 3 0 Teemo. Bush Killer. by IcarusNocturne Teemo. Bush Killer. :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 1 0 It's behind me isn't it? by IcarusNocturne It's behind me isn't it? :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 0 0 MAN! THAT GUY IS SCREAMING X by IcarusNocturne MAN! THAT GUY IS SCREAMING X :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 0 2 This happened...on a Binding of Isaac thread.... by IcarusNocturne This happened...on a Binding of Isaac thread.... :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 0 0 Disappointed planets by IcarusNocturne Disappointed planets :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 3 3 Little adventure part one possibly... by IcarusNocturne Little adventure part one possibly... :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 1 0 Trogdor the Burniniator by IcarusNocturne Trogdor the Burniniator :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 2 0 WHAATTTT????? by IcarusNocturne WHAATTTT????? :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 2 0
A Seaman's Quest for hair
I feel the breeze
Going through me hair
But that's lie
Coz my head is bear
Sometimes I
Try my best
To grow hair on me chest
But I fail, just like that.
Suddenly, hair was on me back.
Soon searing pain
Happens while I scream.
My wife laughs
as she makes me back smooth and clean.
Ah....we here....
:iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 1 5
A Seaman's false love
I Fell in Love
A-Long time ago
She was the sweetest thing
That I've ever known
I used to think
Her love was true
Oh I told me-self a lie
Oh how bad
did it hurt
When she finally said goodbye
My Heart was broke.
I felt like a lime.
But I got better,as days pasted over time.
....Ah...we be here...
:iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 1 3
A young school girl gains moshi witch powers. by IcarusNocturne A young school girl gains moshi witch powers. :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 3 10 Fatal Frame: Whats behind me....? by IcarusNocturne Fatal Frame: Whats behind me....? :iconicarusnocturne:IcarusNocturne 2 11


Its been ONE WHOLE YEAR already??? Huh....I wonder if I've changed any.....

One things for sure. My charisma and never say die attitude are still in check ;D
Makes me wonder why I made this account in the first place....I guess to escape the pain I was going through at the time. To hide from myself and discover something new. And in the end of it all....I made new friends, gained new experiences, and learned new things about me. I was once told that people can never change. That people are inherently the same person no matter what. Well I'm hear to say that though we may not be able to change who we are but I feel we can change aspects about us that we feel are bad and work on making them good aspects. People can change, it just takes the want for change in order for it to happen. What used to be clingy and jealous is now trusting and humble. I've learned from the mistakes of the past and molded a better future using these lessons.

I have no regrets on the choices I made in the best. They're what made me who I am today.

To all my friends on dA, I want to thank you for everything you've given me. Whether its friendships, advice, drawings, premium accounts (thanks Todd), and support, know that I give me most humblest of thanks. Without you guys I don't know what I would have done with myself one year ago. Nothing to drastic I hope.....

In anycase, Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for showing me love. Thanks for being a friend.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Yours forevermore,
Icarus Nocturne.
Taylor Brown.


IcarusNocturne's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Ummmm, Hiya!
Im Taylor! I go by the name Icarus sometimes though! I'm a guy with a never give up attitude! I'm determined, loyal, and persistent when it comes to finding out info or making people happy. I enjoy making people smile! I also make friends easily!
There are times when I'm sad but I always find a way to smile again. I love silly conversations as well as a really good story! I play the piano. I learned by listening so Im terrible at reading sheet music XD
Im a great person to come to in times of need and when people need advice.

Oh and I recently got joined a DA Family:
:iconmiaru-chan: my Little sis <3
:icongoldendragon9: our Kitty :3
:iconleonthedragon-wolf: My little brother xD
:iconkristenjarvisart: My Giraffe :D
:iconfloppys78: My Super sis :3
:iconmorielaina: My sister <3

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How have you been?
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