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fork off

yeah , fork off !

it was much more difficult to get the fork in shape than to take the shot ;)
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Cokandy's avatar
XD this is just hilarious XD GREAT FORKING JOB!!! srry I had to do the puns FORKING XD srry  bye...(runs of into to the undertale fandom)
Irinore's avatar
Well . . .
This was not what I was looking for, but whatever
It's great!
bloodlust89's avatar
I love that fork!!
BryanRue's avatar
:fork: This really great, BTW!
NeoniZigzagoon's avatar
Oh my Forking God, so awesome XD
DracoaMaster's avatar
Goth-Dork's avatar
I love this, that's quite an imagination ^^ I love the title too ^^ Good work!
Pinkillla's avatar
I like the image *and* the title … just fine ;-)
djairin's avatar
forking awesome :D
Shadowelve's avatar
Haha this is an awesome shot, really great! I like the idea :clap:
PriscillaLibelle's avatar
Cool! Makes me think of "Go Fork Yourself" by Tom Green in "Subway Monkey Hour."
Blue-black-sun's avatar
Awesome ! I really enjoy your building pictures, but THIS is really great ! :clap: :D
Blue-black-sun's avatar
love the idea ^^ go one with your pictures :D
ScreampunkMedia's avatar
What did you do, heat it up first to make the metal bend easier?
icarus-ica's avatar
raw power and a pipe wrench :D
Nightfang13's avatar
Oh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lol, thats great! XD
Canderhas's avatar
Omigosh! That's great! I almost want to know what was on your mind just before you thought of this!
Canon2010's avatar
You've been featured here: [link] :D
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