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A Night To Remember ~ Third Class Dance

This was the original level of detail to which I drew all of the frames for "A Night To Remember", but in order to not cause a warp core breach in my computer when I tried to put it in Flash, I had to simplify the frames. XD

So here's the dance the third class passengers had down in steerage. I tell ya, they may not be refined or classy, but they sure know how to have fun! :dummy:

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berry punch derpin' in the background
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She had too much cider.
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Is this an A Day to Remember reference? ;D
Icaron's avatar
A day to remember? Hehe, it's a Night to Remember reference. ^^
BUllyKiller113's avatar
Icaron's avatar
Oh, the drunken ode to sweet sweet cider~ XD
JET-Ann's avatar
It's a really nice work!
Than what the atmosphere and determined Lyra and Bonbon really cool idea!
Finish I am glad to see this work like the Titanic and I like the pony!
It is like the Titanic theme song heard.
Icaron's avatar
Thanks! ^^
Lyra and BonBon definitely were the perfect couple to use in this, I'm glad you appreciate my work. =D
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Aww, that's really sweet! :)
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Then they almost all died horribly.
jach-marsdonpony's avatar
oh god now i remember that flash, ahhhh god, amazing
.. now im sad :(
K4nK4n's avatar
The calm before the storm. I still shed tears whenever I remember this...
Sire-Sword's avatar
It would be a night to remember, if they weren't drunk as hell.
alanjcastonguay's avatar
They're all the classiness I need.
Bronyman1995's avatar
For the record, I don't even ship these two, but this is so cute I :+fav: it anyways. Props to ya.
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Granny smith looks rather disturbing.

Overall it's good.
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you're welcome. ^-^
pikachu-and-gir's avatar
thats an attractive face berry punch XD
lol i luv this
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