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Starters Evos leaked?

I like Fennekin evo <3
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I like the fennikin final!
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Though I like that Fennekin evolution much better than Delphox (now) though I'm fine about delphox
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Wish chespins was real
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Very cool though fake :XD: :love:
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this is real? >:O
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If this pic turns out to be fake like all the others, I'm going to freak!
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it is so obviously fake it's not even funny

that doesn't even look like coror
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IT-IS-ME-XIGBAR's avatar
These look extremely uninspired, and your page layout is wretched.
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they dont look like mid evo and final evo, they look like something between so i thinks this is 100 percent fake
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I hope it's fake
FakemonPlanet's avatar
where did u get this?
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Final evos or just 2nd stages?
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The Frog Looks so Cool Rofl Lmao
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I'm ok with this.
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Did you get it from 4chan?
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