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Ubuntu Wallpaper

Whew! Finally done!

A while ago, I created this wallpaper for the Karmic Koala Ubuntu release with only the middle shelf of animals filled. As new releases (along with new mascots) came out, I wanted to continue with this little project (along with some encouragement from others), but I totally burned myself out after creating the first eleven critters.

However, I've really been learning how to navigate the GIMP, and my process is considerably quicker (and cleaner) now.

So now, three releases later, I give you (click the link to see what they look like in color!):

Warty Warthog [link]
Hoary Hedgehog [link]
Breezy Badger [link]
Dapper Drake [link]
Edgy Eft [link]
Feisty Fawn [link]
Gutsy Gibbon [link]
Hardy Heron [link]
Intrepid Ibex [link]
Jaunty Jackalope [link]
Karmic Koala [link]
Lucid Lynx [link]
Maverick Meerkat [link]
Natty Narwhal [link]

Pencil sketches and the GIMP 2009-2011.
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Nice idea.
Got to put up a second shelf though :D
Like it really much :)
creative!!!! men, you rules!
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Great job! :D Natty Narwhal FTW! :iconubuntuplz:
Fenouille84's avatar
great ! Congratulations ;)
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Very beautifull desktop background image.
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great idea, very nice work :D
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... you're awesome.
icantthinkofaname-09's avatar
Your comment is awesome. Thanks!
AnxiousNut's avatar
Hehehe! You know, when you first created the first one back then, the only thing I _feared_ is that the artist, turned out it's you, wouldn't update it. However, you've proven that I was wrong!! I love it! Keep up the good work buddy, you got a talent!
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Lovely idea. They are cute. :3
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whoa, they're all so cute :love:
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Cool! Have you submitted this wallpaper to the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase? They're now accepting non-photograph wallpapers! It's your chance!
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Thank you! I did submit this to the Ubuntu Artwork Flickr group pool, but I find that they seem to be really disorganized, and there were multiple different things that I read.

One post directed the non-photographic wallpapers to an entirely new site, which I registered for and then had technical difficulties with. And then later I read that they had scrapped the idea for that site and that everyone should just submit work (photography and non) to the Flickr group pool.

All in all, whether or not it's submitted to the correct place for judging, I very much doubt that it would be chosen as a default or optional background, and I enjoyed creating it, so that's enough for me. :)
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