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9 ways guys pee

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No I don't KNOW, okay? I don't KNOW why it struck me as a good idea to draw this.
But I did anyway. Click the image to view full size.

PRINT AVAILABLE! Thanks to the lovely folk at Topatoco, we now have a high-quality print of it available in my Fumboo webstore..

**NEW update - wow, 60,000 people looked at this on my website in just the first 24 hours, thats pretty insane. Thank you SO much to everyone who shared it around. (edited)

I should clarify though, i notice a lot of people asking why certain peeing positions have been left out of the list, such as the hands-free, the one hand against the wall, etc. There are 2 reasons for this 1) the list was intended more as a list of trials men have to endure while peeing, things that make it difficult and the ways we try and counteract it. More that than just different positions we stand in. and 2) it's a list, it'll never include everything, and i was tired. THANKS AGAIN!

**update 4/9/11 THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE DD and nice comments, thats amazing ^_^ A few people mentioning they've seen this strip on other websites - NOTE many of these sites STEAL artists work, remove their name, and claim it as their own. This is normal practice for them. You can clearly see this is all my own, i've worked hard to make this my career and needless to say it's gutting when people doctor it and call dibs. If a site has their logo on a piece of art instead of an artists' name, they probably stole it**
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Wow....this is sooooooo true...
Aztecatl13's avatar
Lol this is funny xD
YoGirlOlivia's avatar
lol, luckily I'm not a man, so I don't have to pee standing up.
GregoryAmbrose's avatar
Completely true to life. I’ve done them all.
DavasisOfSmeg's avatar
I pee on everything and everywhere like a pissing devil so 9 most of the time. Even pissed on my own face last year by accident or R Kellyed myself. Every janitor in every school I been to in the past hates me and wishes I'm dead. They'll get their wish eventually. Sometimes I'm forced to do seven or peeing lady style for many reasons. Ether I pee like a girl or a wolf marking territory. Wish my dick was a shotgun....well...that would just make 9 and sex more interesting. XD

And 3 just describes literally smeg. I know, I'm an idiot.
Nidonemo's avatar
Oh lord the brutal honesty in all of this is absolutely hilarious!
lucas5672's avatar
I'm 6 but with diarheea instead of farts.
Ardiana's avatar
I see a lot of the Backward curves and Final shots in public toilets. And just like in the picture, they don't use the paper to dry those up. Angry emoticon 
demodoqqo's avatar
At least you don't get periods :")
HollowParrot's avatar
Guys think they have it bad, but us girls have it worse

even though I haven't gotten my period yet, my sister says it sucks sooooo [Emote] BREAKING HEART INTENSIFIES 
demodoqqo's avatar

perioads are awful and not something to be looked forward to. consider yourself lucky you haven't gotten there yet--
xYuumeii's avatar
Tbh I actually just recently had my period. Oof...they start out pretty light but the cramps get worse and ur life while you still can ._.
demodoqqo's avatar
oof yeah
they S U C K --
WorldWalker128's avatar
This, sadly, is very correct.
Dyscalculie's avatar
It's funny, it's well drawn and very recognizable. That's all a good cartoon needs to be. So no, I'm not surpirized a lot of people like it :-D
I recognize myself in 1, 2 and 7... in fact, that one to me is the way I do it at night, when I wake up and go without switching on the light, lest I wake up too far and it takes me hours to fall asleep again. You don't do it like nr 1 in the pitch dark, that would change immediately into nr 9! 
Sometimes I don't even open my eyes, so when Nature calls at two or three in the night, I look a LOT like the little man on nr 7!  XD  XD
GalCantHelpIt's avatar
I can't relate, but I can laugh. Love the look of fear of being caught in the last panel.
Insiris's avatar
Why is this so funny to me???? X3

Good comic btw!
salyssong's avatar
Where's ''A bear attacks you while taking the piss so you have to defend yourself with metal pipe''-way?
Having summer home in Bosnia has some dissadvantages.
The Pushed-Too-Hard is my way.
DJMutt's avatar
what the fuck
TranquilityBass's avatar
10.  The "you wanted to come in here... what's the problem?" when it doesn't want to leave.
UmiEbon's avatar
I HATE #10. Especially at a public urinal
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