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Galactic Conquest Map: Star Wars Battlefront EA

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Print out map.
Each player chooses faction to play as in every battle.

Get some kind of token for each player's fleets, it will be based like Battlefront 2 turns.
Decide each faction's "Home planet", all other planets are neutral and belong to a faction once they arrive for the first time.

Encountering fleets causes each other to engage a fighter squadron battle,
attacking an enemy planet creates a walker assault battle on the planet being attacked.

(In the case of more game modes) When a Rebel invades a planet, the mode will be turning point,
when an imperial invades a planet, the mode will be walker assault.

Losers of any battle have their fleets sent back to their home planet, winners keep fleets at location of battle.

First to take over the galaxy wins!

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You literally opened my eyes with this. In my opinion I don't really like galactic conquest being the fact that you will be fighting over and over for the same maps like Battlefront and Battlefront 2, but others would enjoy it.