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Winter Day (Dark Link x Reader)
Drops of snow fell from the sky, blissfully beautiful and covering Hyrule in a white blanket. The freezing air started to move, creating a powerful gust of icy cold wind, but for him it didn’t matter.
Dark Link himself was walking through the endless piles of snow, his usually black tunic now covered in pale white. His face had a light pink hue to it, spreading across his cheeks and his nose.
“It’s really unbelievable how you loved snow so much.” He mumbled,  wrapping an arm around himself, careful not to drop the one thing he was carrying in his bare and freezing hands.
He looked around multiple times, standing on guard in case his counterpart decided to show up and do his “heroic” deeds. Or in simpler terms, kill him.
Just coming out here was a big risk, but it was a risk he was oh so willing to take.
A sharp gasp left his mouth as another cold gust of wind was blown to his way; the cold passing right through his ch
:iconfirework615:Firework615 167 96
I'll Take My Time with You - Eyeless Jack x Reader
"[Your Name]...[Your Name]...[Your Name]!" you flinched as you heard your best friend scream your name right into your ear. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she looked at you with a worried and concerned gaze. "Hey, you alright? You seem out of it" she said. You stared at her before peering down at the note in your hand. Shaking your head you crumbled the piece of paper up into a ball and shoved it down into your bag.
"Yeah, I'm alright. Just been thinking" you mumbled quietly as you straightened your bag and started to walk down the hall with your friend quickly following after you. The look on disbelief on her face made your shoulders tense as you turned your head to the side and coughed into your hand. "So, how are things going with you and that new boyfriend of yours?" you asked, quickly trying to change the subject. You watched as her face lit up in delight as she started to babble on about her latest relationship.
-Time Skip-
You tiredly blinked your eyes as you laid in bed, the
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 84 6
What Pain Feels Like (Ticci Toby X reader)
There was one thing in this world that he couldn’t register. One thing he refused to feel.
It was so long ago that he was able to feel such… Unsettling senses, that he had forgotten how it felt like. No cut would make him scream, and no injuries would make him cry. Even Jeff’s sharp knife or Laughing Jack’s poisonous candy couldn’t make him feel it. He honestly wondered what it felt like, to hurt and sting and throb.
However, he never longed for it. Pain was just something useless- something that would weaken you when you should be strong. It was a sense that only belonged to soft, delicate beings- and he was most definitely not one. He was a monster- everyone knew that- and no monster should feel pain.  He should be the one delivering it. That was just the way it was.
Well, at least he thought so anyways.
…So why, why was it that he was breathing so heavily right now? Why was it that he was biting
:iconfirework615:Firework615 59 42
Taking Care (Scotland x Reader)
You had been laying in bed for the past few hours, feeling...well, honestly, pretty bad. You had woken up with a bad cold and were just about out of tissues; the end was rather imminent and soon you would probably have to make your way over to the bathroom and grab a roll of toilet paper to blow your nose with. Unless...
You searched blindly on your nightstand for your phone, quickly locating it and picking it up after almost knocking it off the edge. You fumbled to choose the correct contact as you squinted at the bright screen, and pressed the device to your ear.
"Hello?" A voice answered after a few rings.
"Allie?" You greeted your boyfriend drearily, breaking to let out a few coughs. He scoffed at your use of the nickname, but didn't say anything to deter you.
"Who else? You alright?" He sounded a bit concerned after hearing your coughing.
"I've been better. Could you maybe go to the store and get me some tissues? I'm almost out and I feel horrible." You complained, sniffling.
He s
:iconally1001:Ally1001 272 28
Stolen Heart (Pirate!Spain x Reader)
Most of the time, working in a tavern really wasn't all that bad. Plenty of customers came in from the waterfront nearby, mostly travellers. The people weren't usually that horrid, the job paid well, and hey, you even got free board in the inn upstairs!
It was times like these, however, that made you rethink your place of work.
"Oi, wench! Another round for the table!" A gruff voice called out to you, making you look up from your chore of cleaning the counter.
"Of course, sir." You replied easily, turning to the casks of ale that were stocked behind you. Setting the glasses on a tray, you made to walk over to the table you had been called to. A few jeers and catcalls from drunken and sober men alike reached your ears, but you blocked them out, focused on your job.
Some of the men pulled on your skirts as you walked by, but the plain blue dress was sturdy enough to withhold their tugs.
Setting down the tray on the table it had been requested to, you passed out the foaming mugs ef
:iconally1001:Ally1001 574 115
2p!England X Chubby!Reader- Part 1 (request)
Fall... Cold, wet, and usually not very liked.
I like fall, it’s my favourite season.
I can wear my coat and scarf...
The one’s my friend gave me for my birthday...
it also is my least favourite season...
it was the first day of fall that I had to say good bye...
to my dearest friend when he moved away...
That... was about 8 years ago. I wonder if he still remembers me... that chubby little girl who he would cling on to and share cookies with every day. Who would remember someone like that?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You ran to your class, and made it in right before the bell rang. You breathed heavily as you headed to your seat, the eyes of everyone burning into you. You tried to look away and covered your face so they would see how sweaty and exhausted you were from just a half mile run from your house. You sat down and crossed your arms on your desk covering your face. ‘This sucks... why did I have to wake up so late...
:iconaki2pjones:Aki2pJones 154 33
Kink Sentence Meme
Comment “Take Me” and I’ll generate a number from 1-60 and give you a sentence starter! [Prompts are incredibly nsfw, possible trigger warnings apply!] 

"I want you to bite me""Talk dirty to me""We should masturbate together""Can I video you?""I bought a new toy for us to play with.""You know, you would look really hot in lingerie""I really want to watch you.""Have you ever tried fisting?""I’ve been watching you for weeks now""How do you feel about crossdressing?""I want us to try double penetration""We should get high and fuck""I would love to eat food off your body.""Did you know I have a piercing?""Have you ever thought about having someone else join in?""Next time we’re having sex, will you choke me?""I want you to be my Daddy.""Have you ever thought about playing little?""I’ve been bad…I need a spanking""I think somebody needs a spanking.""Don’t you think it would be fun to have sex somewhere public
:iconpimprussia:PimpRussia 1 195
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