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It's a Charlie Brown X-Men

A fun sketch cover commission for Space City Con Winter of the cast The Peanuts as various X-Men characters. All of the characters beside Woodstock were specifically requested, but after drawing Wolverine-Spoopy I just had to draw Jubilee-Woodstock.

If you like my art check out my webcomic, Transyltown... although it looks nothing like this...…
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You're Welcome!:)
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This is wonderful! I could totally see Marvel printing this (ignoring the copyright conflicts)! Excellent piece!
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Cute! You've captured the peanuts style very well. Wonderful work!
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!
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I like it! Great drawing, keep it up! :D
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Let me ask you, what time of markers do you use?
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Man!!!! Everyone has Copic except for me. I have Prisma and it doesn't look as good as Copic arts. I'm going to buy a set to try it.
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They make a big difference. I tried bumping down to Prisma again after they released their brush tips, but they really don't compare.
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:( thanks for the advise. I should have asked before buying Prisma. Oh well. Thanks buddy! :)
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OMG *-------------* :love:
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Glad you like it. :D
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This is genius!
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I wish I could take full credit. I really liked the commissioner of this sketch cover's idea. It was pretty loos to interpretation to. He made the same request to a friend of my and she made a hilarious picture of Xavier and Magneto cosplaying the Peanuts characters. Too bad she didn't take a picture or scan of it. I help her come up with a caption for it and her art made it really hilarious.
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Great Job, Great Concept!
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