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BJ lineless

After Sai crashed and i lost this piece and had to start over i finally finished this xux
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whoaaaaa baby........pip like..........

I think that's got to be the hottest interpretation of Blackjack I've ever seen.
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Greetings from 2018! Do you also read "FoE Horizons"? I recently bought a book. Thank you for such a wonderful work! 
P.S Blackjack you're sooo HOT!
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...oh, them shoulda brought whiskey...  Wait, someone did...  ^_^

i like your take on the security mare, caught her at rare/good moment...

I'm glad you soldiered on even though sai ate your original. Photoshop 5 kept arguing with my ram & hard drive which caused blue screen of death crashes almost every 5 minutes of a art project I was working on...  >_<
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Also thank you (sorry its 2 am)
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urg! "...*they shoulda brought whiskey..." (stupid fingers don't spell what my brain thinks)...  >_<

BJ is one of those fo:e ph characters that has that curtain something. You really captured it in your art....  ^_^
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Awww thanks so much
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Oh dang, guess thats a pool anyone would gamble for! :P
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Yeah. That's good art. Time to ante up.
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Thank god I always tank Agility and not Luck :P
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I think BJ's luck is a toss up
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Yeah if I recall she has it rather rough in FOE. Specifically that nightmare that was Project Horizons, jesus that one was terrible.
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I loved PH thank you and shes from PH
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Well I wasnt saying it was bad XD Im saying it was brutal! It certainly breaks the mold in that no one is safe. Im just one of those soft hearted fellas that doesnt like my favorite characters get destroyed XD

Sorry if I didnt make my thoughts clear ^^`
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as I said on Discord. This is really good and amazing art ^^
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Looks like Blackjack goes all in~
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